How To Choose Network Monitoring Tools - The Right Network Monitoring Tools for Your IT Network

How To Choose Network Monitoring Tools - The Right Network Monitoring Tools for Your IT Network

Network monitoring tools are critical for IT network environments. Read more here - This video decribes the aspects to consider when selecting the right network monitoring tools for your IT network.

Monitoring is crucial as it helps to reduce downtime. And downtime?
Well, you know the story: revenue loss, angry customers, upset bosses.

But what is the right solution?
How do you find the best monitoring solution for you?

There are two general types of monitoring.

The First type is Traditional Universal Monitoring.

This type of monitoring gives you reliable notifications when something fails so you can take action and prevent a disaster.

Traditional solutions like PRTG, Nagios, and Zabbix are perfect for alerting and ensuring that everything is running as expected.
The vast majority of cloud-based solutions are of this type.

But deeper performance analysis is their weakness.
They are all based on SQL databases, and they cannot process extensive performance metrics.

The Second Type is Performance Monitoring.

This type of monitoring gives you a fine-grained performance analysis instead of an overview of your systems.
For instance, it lets you drill down to the last, hidden corner of a CPU.

While all solutions can typically do both, they can mostly do only one of them well.

For this type of monitoring, solutions like Prometheus come to mind.
They are based on time-series-databases and can store and process billions of data points.
However, they come at a cost.
They require complicated setup and provide only very limited alerting options.
And due to the large volume of data, they mostly need to be installed on-premise.

Now we talk about
Cloud Based Monitoring.
Once you have determined the kind of monitoring you need, you must consider another question:
Is a cloud-based solution an option?

If your environment allows you to work with cloud-based solutions, this is a fast and easy way to start monitoring.
Set-up can be done almost instantly, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance, high-availability, back-ups or updates.

Many cloud-based monitoring solutions offer modern features like an easy to use interface and they come pre-configured, with thresholds based on common use-cases.

It should be noted that you always need an agent to send data from your servers to the cloud.
And this agent makes all the difference.
Check if an agent is available for all your operating systems, and choose a solution that discovers most measuring points automatically.

Now lets consider
On Premise Monitoring.
If you have a no-cloud policy, you need an on-premise solution.
The open source market offers many enterprise-ready software solutions, like Zabbix.

Depending on your familiarity with it, it can be complex to set up, but it is worth the effort.
Commercial products, like BMC Patrol, offer pre-configured checks for a variety of software solutions.
This can save you a lot of time, but it comes at a high price.
And the veterans of the market like Nagios and Icinga, still do a perfect job.

Now Lets Consider Price.
Price is the final, crucial factor in decision-making, and is an important component of the total cost of ownership.
When looking at the price of commercial software, pay attention to time-limited licenses.
They can become a trap.
You start cheap and after a year or two, you have to renew the license at a higher price or lose it.

Open-source products are excellent, and you can save money on licenses, but the installation of any on-premise monitoring can turn out to be time-consuming and labour intensive, if you are inexperienced.

Cloud-based solutions come at very different price points.
Some are very specialised and cost as much as $15 per server per month.
This has proven to be prohibitively high for many companies.
Fortunately there are others that charge as little as $1.20 per server per month.

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