The Future is Hybrid:Key Considerations for Cloud and DevOps

The Future is Hybrid:Key Considerations for Cloud and DevOps

Published Mar 31, 2020

Do you want to modernize your cloud infrastructure while staying one step ahead of the associated security risks? Common cloud infrastructure challenges arise around the elasticity and short lifespan of servers as well as the up-and-coming wave of containerization. These challenges are the new status quo for organizations that expand their systems across on-prem and virtual infrastructures, resulting in a “hybrid” environment.

Join Dave Meltzer and Travis Smith for an in-depth webcast exploring the present and future of the hybrid cloud infrastructure. These seasoned security experts will guide participants through key considerations and best practices for expanding security operations to the cloud and DevOps, including:

  • Understanding the responsibilities and controls of a hybrid environment
  • How to properly manage configuration and vulnerability risks
  • How to build trust across multiple cloud solution providers
  • Case study of how one major institution successfully secured its hybrid enterprise

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