Doctor On Demand: Making Data-Driven Decisions. Securely.

Doctor On Demand: Making Data-Driven Decisions. Securely.

Published Mar 26, 2018

All businesses face the challenge of making data accessible and actionable, while maintaining consistency and enterprise-wide definitions of core concepts. Healthcare companies face the added challenge of maintaining the high standards for privacy and security required by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and other state and federal privacy laws.

Healthcare organizations now have vast amounts of data flowing into their databases which they need help analyzing. Doctor On Demand* faced this challenge. How do they use their data to run and improve their operations while providing the highest level of privacy and security for patient data?

In this webinar, James Thompson, Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at Doctor On Demand will discuss how they met this challenge. Learn how they:

  • Maintained control of data infrastructure in the age of the cloud
  • Created a flexible and iterative environment that scales
  • Created a single source of truth that the entire company can rely on
  • Provide a self-service model for non-technical staff to run reports
  • Securely give access to trustworthy data to make real-time, data-driven decisions

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