DevOps Culture Shift: Expanding On-Call Responsibilities

DevOps Culture Shift: Expanding On-Call Responsibilities

Published Apr 1, 2016

DevOps represents cultural change. Whether it's the change of resistant engineers that don't want to be on-call or the change of Operations teams to have more empathy towards their counterparts writing code, to the willingness of executives to embrace a culture of automation, measurement and sharing.

Organizations must overcome the culture war to be able to approach the agility and productivity that organizations following a DevOps model gain. The faster they can get there, the faster these organizations can take the competitive edge away from traditional enterprises.

Join Forrester analyst, Kurt Bittner, VictorOps CEO, Todd Vernon, and VictorOps customers as they answer the following questions:

  • Why change the status quo?
  • How do I align two disparate groups?
  • How do I remove the obstacles that separate Dev and Ops teams?
  • Will customers see a difference if devs are on call?
  • Can IT start to think differently?

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