Detectify for security teams

Detectify for security teams

Published Nov 21, 2018

Detectify is a web application and domain security tool that supports security teams in their day-to-day work.

We work with 150+ handpicked ethical hackers to get access to vulnerabilities beyond the known CVE libraries that are not a sufficient test bed for modern application security. Incoming submissions from the hackers are validated by our internal team and built into our tool as security tests. To complement continuous security scanning, Detectify domain monitoring keeps an eye on all DNS entries and alerts you if anomalies are detected.

Detectify offers a range of CICD integrations that make it easy to create tickets in your pipeline and assign remediation tasks to the right team. Instead of version testing, we only test with real exploits in order to bring down the number of false positives and provide accurate and transparent security monitoring.

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