Cloudify | Introduction to Backstage

Cloudify | Introduction to Backstage

Nov 17, 2022

Many web-scale companies such as Spotify, AirBand, and Twillio are facing the speed paradox:
“The faster you grow, the more fragmented and complex your software ecosystem becomes. And then everything slows down again.”
To deal with that challenge, they chose to develop their own internal development platform aimed specifically at increasing their development productivity by taking a more opinionated approach in which developers get to use infrastructure resources.
Spotify backstage is an open-source project led by Spotify that provides a set of tools and a framework.


Suzanne Daniels DevRel Lead @ Backstage
Matan Cohen Software Group Manager @ Wix
Nati Shalom CTO & Founder @ Cloudify

Sharone Revah Zitzman, Chief Manual Reader, RTFM Please Ltd.