Ask the Rundeck Expert: October 5, 2020

Ask the Rundeck Expert: October 5, 2020

Nov 2, 2020

Recording of our monthly live Q&A with a panel of Rundeck experts. Occurs the first Thursday of every month. Register today and pre-submit your questions

00:00 - Start
01:44 - What is the best method for handling arguments that are used by job options where the arguments change infrequently but the job runs on a regular schedule? Should key storage be used?
07:22 - What's the best way to handle automatically running scheduled jobs that should have run while Rundeck was in passive mode?
12:52 - Can you give a demo of Rundeck calling an API?
API Reference, Version 36:
18:35 - What features are available to trigger job execution based off another job status or state?
24:09 - What can you tell us about using containers in Rundeck nodes?
Tutorial section of Doc's page:
26:32 - Does Rundeck Enterprise support SSO with Azure ID, myApps?
27:27 - PagerDuty API piece?
28:00 - Setting up Rundeck in a high availability environment
Cluster Overview Documentation:
High Availability clustering webinar:
29:17 - Are there any updates on a on being able to prompt a human to commit an execution of a job?
30:13 - Grabbing the latest build
30:46 - LDAP Active Directory Authentication
34:29 - Syntax for multiple groups in a policy

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