Ask the Rundeck Expert | August 5, 2021

Ask the Rundeck Expert | August 5, 2021

Sep 1, 2021

01:27 I am interested in seeing a demo.

03:29 I seem to have a problem running ansible playbook in rundeck. I then get an error message. The same job or playbook does work when I start it from the server via the command line. I also updated rundeck to the most current version, but the error message persisted.

04:53 How do I send the list of all jobs of the current project as a property to a step?

05:48 We have just installed Community 3.4.0. Getting Whale of a log issue and do not have any means to see the log

07:37 Rundeck Installation I am trying to manage windows Nodes, but not sure how to setup everything I need.