Emirates NBD: Enabling digital transformation, delivering innovation, and a more personalized customer experience

The financial services industry has been making successful strides to digitally transform their business, making more personalized offerings while still keeping the customer experience in clear sight. Consumers want access anywhere, anytime, and answers fast. Whether the focus is on consumer or commercial banking, wealth management or capital markets, or all of the above, it’s all about relationships.


How Cloudera Data Platform helps data centric enterprise IT

At the recent Strata Data conference in New York, the Cloudera team released Cloudera Data Platform, representing our renewed pledge to open source large scale data processing. Offering the best of the Hortonworks and Cloudera portfolios, Cloudera Data Platform provides organizations with the ability to uniformly run large-scale data processing on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure. This marks not only an enormous milestone for us as a company but also a big leap for users across the world.


Creating an Open Standard: Machine Learning Governance using Apache Atlas

Machine learning (ML) has become one of the most critical capabilities for modern businesses to grow and stay competitive today. From automating internal processes to optimizing the design, creation and marketing processes behind virtually every product consumed, ML models have permeated almost every aspect of our work and personal lives — and for businesses, the stakes have never been higher.


Edge2AI Autonomous Car: Train and deploy a model to the edge (3 of 3)

One of the biggest challenges in training a deep neural network lies in the quality and quantity of data collected for training. In previous blogs we highlighted how data is collected from our miniature self-driving car, and how it is transported from the source to HDFS using Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) and Cloudera Edge Manager (CEM). When a sufficient amount of data is collected, a model can be trained that “clones” the driving behavior of a person.

The Retail Renaissance

From connected consumers to connected assets and connected supply chains, data and analytics are truly re-shaping the retail landscape. Today's retailer's are using data as an asset incorporating new streaming sources of information and combining them with traditional data and channels to strengthen customer engagement, optimize the supply chain, and improve forecasting and merchandising.

How Cloudera's HBase Can Leverage Amazon's S3

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) provides an out-of-the-box solution that allows Apache HBase deployments to use Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as its main persistence layer for saving table data. Amazon S3 is an object store which offers a high degree of durability with a pay-per-use cost structure. There is no server-side component to run or manage for S3 — all that is needed is the S3 client library and AWS credentials.