Accelerating API Performance Problem Resolution with API Monitoring

With a solid API Monitoring strategy and practice in place, it becomes easier to find and fix issues rapidly, as well as increasing the amount of feedback so your teams can continuously improve. In fact, our State of API Survey found that teams that prioritize API Monitoring as a strategy are able to resolve API issues in less than 24 hours.

Implementing a Single Framework for API and UI Testing

We constantly hear about API and UI testing together, but what does that actually look like in implementation? In a recent SmartBear webinar, “Implementing a Single Framework for API and UI Testing,” we discussed the importance of testing at the API and UI level, how building a single framework for both with help with faster development cycles, and how it all circles back to the goal of DevOps.

Performance Testing on Every Commit

According to our latest State of API report, API performance is seen as a top-factor in the success of an API program. With teams shifting to CI/CD and DevOps delivery at a rapid pace, performance testing can still be a major bottleneck to most teams. Siloed performance engineering teams are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of modern software delivery - many organizations still run load tests outside of the pipeline and only when holiday season comes around.

Implementing a Single Framework for API and UI Testing 1

Test automation for both the API and UI layers is a must-have skill in 2019. APIs are inescapable in today's software architecture - acting as the glue to link together disparate data to provide a wide variety of services for users on one digital platform. API testing is truly the sweet spot of testing modern software applications to exponentially increase their test coverage, testing thousands of scenarios in a matter of seconds.

Introducing SoapUI Open Source 5.5

SoapUI Open Source was a transformative tool for the API community when it was introduced over 12 years ago - and today we are happy to announce the latest transformation. SoapUI Open Source 5.5 will be available today, which introduces a quicker way to visualize and debug your RESTful and SOAP web services. We’ve also added some new UI touches that align with SmartBear’s, the main backer of SoapUI, new brand rollout.


Teaming Up on Quality Before Test

There are many times in life where “the more the merrier” makes sense, but is the same true in software development? When we talk about writing code and creating features, it’s often thought of as a one-man job -- we picture a single developer working at his or her machine completing tasks alone. However, teams are experimenting with more ways to work collaboratively.


The 5 Gaps You May Not Realize Are Missing From Your UI Test Automation Strategy

As more and more organizations integrate test automation into their workflows, teams have benefitted from shortened feedback loops and less time between development and delivery. However, while automation has been an asset for effective and efficient testing, many of us are still getting acquainted with the skills required to build out tests that give us maximum value for our time.