What is GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language (that’s what the “QL” stands for) for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. Basically, it is used to load data from a server to a client -- it’s a way to get data from an API into your application. And as you’ll see - it does this in a much more efficient manner than traditional methods and services. So what is this open source tool that powers hundreds of billions of API calls a day, how exactly is it used, and why?


Shifting Your Security Testing Left

Recently, SmartBear presented “Shifting Your Security Testing Left: How Your Development Team Can Take Part in API Security.” As teams are challenged with creating and releasing software faster than ever, the conversation often turns to shifting left in testing . However, while the overall quality of an application is a worthy reason to include testing sooner in the software development life cycle, security is another issue that demands our attention -- and it's often overlooked.


Introducing Zephyr for Jira Integrations to Synchronize Test Management and Test Automation

Software is being developed, tested, and deployed at speeds that we’ve never seen before. While the teams creating these applications depend on test automation to keep quality up to par during frequent releases, test management is equally crucial to ensure collaboration and traceability throughout the lifecycle.