The embedded analytics maturity curve - where does your software or app rank?

An exceptional embedded analytics offering is underpinned by the right strategy and framework - and this starts with a clear vision. To maximize the value of data assets, you may need to recognize and then address where your product may need to improve it’s BI maturity level. To do this, it’s time to focus on where your analytics development capability and tooling is today.


Why prospects hunt us down

A few years ago, we got an evaluation form from a prospective customer wanting to understand more about what we do. In the comments they wrote... “Please don't chase me down like those bastards at Sisense” That little nugget of gold told me a lot about the way our buyers want to purchase software - everyone hates talking to a salesperson too early. So we decided to turn our sales process on its head and put all of our technical evaluation content online.


Reflecting on the past six months

I know a lot of organizations have really struggled in the current environment, but the last six months have actually been quite exciting for us at Yellowfin. We've achieved a lot and have built a fantastic strategy for the future. We have really focused in on our sales organization, hiring a new VP of Global Sales, Josh Read, and appointing new sales leadership in the regions as well.

Doing business in Japan during COVID-19

The way that people do business in Japan has radically changed as a result of COVID-19. Historically, the Japanese are very much about face to face relationship selling where you establish relationships and build trust. But now everything has to be done remotely or online. Like everyone else, the Japanese are really keen to keep doing business so they've actually embraced the remote way of doing things which has been quite interesting to watch and had some unexpected benefits.

Dashboards vs automated business monitoring: What's the difference?

In 2020, however, contining to rely just on dashboards for your BI needs isn't enough. Why? Data is growing exponentially - in both size and complexity - within every business today. Manually keeping track of performance and searching for insights has become difficult for many users, and it's fostered new expectations - to be able to do more with analytics - including making it faster and easier to keep on top of changes or opportunities.