Why Citizen-Data Scientists, Not Professionals, Are the Future

During the last few years, we’ve seen an explosive rise in demand for data scientists and data analysts driven by buzzwords like Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and more. Don’t get me wrong; it’s terrific that more companies are talking about and starting to try to work with data. Most companies, even now in 2019, are making decisions based on nothing more than a gut feeling.


Keboola Founders diary - How it all started

Ten years ago I was a typical nerd, compiling Linux system from the source code, working for the digital company První multimediální as a Linux admin. Switches, VPN and whole LAMP stack was my daily bread. On the side me and my good friend Mirek Burkon got a project - building project management tool for some NGO. The product promise was somehow similar to Basecamp (which I haven’t heard of at the time). It was a success and we decided to turn it into a product. Keboola was born.