Overcoming video conference fatigue: 7 tips from our customers

At the beginning of our shift to remote work, Asana—like many companies—encouraged video conferencing as a way to connect with teammates. And while connecting over video has a lot of advantages, prolonged remote work is also bringing to light the fatigue associated with spending large amounts of time on video calls.

Asana Webinar: 5 Ways to Use Asana for Remote Work

Whether you regularly work remotely or are maneuvering this challenge for the first time ever, Asana can help! Join Niamh Gorry from Asana's Customer Education team and Katie Rowland from our EMEA Marketing team as they share their top 5 tips on how you can use Asana to keep your team coordinated and connected while working remotely.

6 steps to reopening your business with Asana

After weeks of working from home, businesses are starting to think about how to reopen. Some companies may already be testing the waters with a few employees in-office, others may be preparing a distributed model that works for them. No matter what your country, state, city, or even county’s policy towards reopening is, deciding when and how to reopen your business is a unique decision for each company.

How to Asana: Find anything with advanced search

Find anything with advanced search | Asana tutorial Search in Asana is as simple as typing into the search bar in the top bar. Refine search criteria and start creating reports with advanced search. You can search anything from completion date and assignee to custom fields and task creator (and more.) You’ll get a list of tasks, projects, and conversations that match your criteria.

Asana tips: How to structure your work in Asana

Whether you’re new to Asana or a power user, knowing how to structure your work in Asana is the first step toward connecting individual work to larger initiatives or goals. In fact, according to the Anatomy of Work Index, employees who have clarity on how their individual work adds value to their organization are 2x more likely to be motivated at work.


Introducing Status for remote work

When you’re working remotely, keeping your stakeholders informed on the progress of your work becomes even more important to keep teams in sync and projects moving forward. Workers use an average of 10 different tools throughout the day, and any one of them might contain the information you need for your weekly status update. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Status feature.


How to continue building inclusive communities when you're remote

The recent shift to remote work and physical distancing has forced many organizations, including Asana, to rethink how they connect and communicate as a distributed team. Building inclusive communities must be a part of that shift. Being fully remote—compounded by living through a global pandemic—makes it even more critical to be intentional about creating an inclusive community.