Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Cloud DLP Vendor

As you evaluate cloud access security brokers (CASBs) to safely enable sanctioned and unsanctioned (shadow IT) cloud services, cloud DLP is an important component of the solution. This 6-question checklist will give you specific, use case-based examples to help you differentiate between CASBs and choose the right one for your organization.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure: Your 5 Most Common Questions Answered

To achieve business goals, business leaders are choosing to work with multiple cloud providers, embracing dierent clouds optimized for various services. By distributing workloads and mitigating risk, a multi-cloud approach is increasingly recognized as a good strategy for organizations that want to maximize the beneits of the cloud and also easily adapt to changing business needs. In this eBook, we focus on ive common questions about multi-cloud.

Smart Cloud Sessions: Threat Protection with Netskope and Cylance

In this Smart Cloud Session learn about our partnership with Cylance, an industry leader in AI-driven threat protection. The threat landscape of cloud and web is constantly evolving – and to better protect our customers from the myriad of unknown threats, Netskope is partnering with Cylance to offer Cylance’s AI engine as an additional layer of threat protection in the Netskope Security Cloud.