Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity Remotely

Employee monitoring and productivity tracking features valuable insights into your teams’ performance levels throughout the day. If your office has been recently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might also be transitioning into a more remote-friendly workplace environment. How do you make sure your employees are staying productive? Can you accurately measure an increase or decrease in your team’s overall productivity?


Bringing UEBA & Zero Trust Together Making Remote Work Safer

2020 is likely to go down in history as the year of two pandemics, COVID-19 and cybercrime. Certain types of cybersecurity threats have massively intensified this year. For example, the malware NetWiredRC saw a 200% spike in detection rates in March 2020. COVID-19 has caused a sudden shift to remote working. More employees are now working from their homes than ever before. Remote work en masse exposes organizations to increased levels of threats.


Track Employees' Online Activity With Computer Monitoring Software

With so many employees worldwide working from home, can you be certain they are actually working productively? Is some of their time working from home being spent on social media, looking for other jobs, or taking care of their children? To maintain high performance and productivity, it’s important to keep an eye on your employees’ online activity with Veriato’s computer monitoring software.


Top Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking App

Did you know that you can use your employee time tracking app for more than digitizing worker timecards? Computer monitoring software with timekeeping capabilities is the ideal tool for maximizing company-wide productivity and profitability. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using an employee time tracking app.


Your Ultimate Guide to Managing Productivity in a Remote Workplace

The age of the digital nomad is here, and people realize that working 9 to 5 within the confines of an enterprise office isn’t the only way to make a living. Today’s technology allows people to work anytime and anywhere. Even within an office environment, work is often largely carried out online.


5 Cyber Threats That Won't Disappear After The Pandemic

In 2020, security trends have mutated in a matter of months. Since February, the FBI has reported a 300% jump in reported cybercrimes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alone has registered over 18,257 COVID-19 security complaints that consequentially equates to nearly $13.44 million in losses.


What is Corporate Espionage?

The term “espionage” often brings images of double agents and covert undercover missions to mind. This is how espionage is depicted in the movies, but in real life, it can take on many other forms. Businesses may not need to worry about James Bond spying on their company, but they should be concerned about corporate espionage. Corporate espionage, often referred to as industrial espionage, is the practice of spying for financial or commercial gain.


Can AI Predict Workplace Violence?

In June 2020, a knife attack at a kindergarten in China injured 39 people, many of them children. The perpetrator was a security guard at the school. This was an insider attack and a horrific act that happens far too often across the world. While the majority of the cybersecurity industry is focused on securing data, the growing convergence of digital and physical security remains unhinged.


Exploiting the Pandemic: Cyber Security Breaches in 2020

The world has seen more unprecedented events in the first six months of 2020 than some see in a lifetime. From a pandemic threatening the health and lives of people worldwide and triggering unprecedented social isolation to recent devastating events catalyzing global civil unrest, this year almost feels apocalyptic. As always, in times of disruption and uncertainty, vulnerabilities are exposed, and opportunities are opened for the selfish few to capitalize on others’ misfortune.

Lifting The Veil Of The Dark Web

See How Companies Arm Themselves With The Right Tools To Protect Against Threats From The Dark Web. We've all seen what's possible with the Dark Web thanks to Silk Road. If you're interested in buying or selling someone's personal data, such as credit card or social security information, it’s disturbingly easy to do. All you need is a computer and the Tor Browser, and it's all completely anonymous.