Managing Cyber Threats to Operational Technology

In the fast-paced and highly commercialized world of manufacturing, better automation creates a valuable competitive edge. The physical systems leveraged in the industry, the machinery, and the manual processes have all become more automated since the first industrial revolution. Today, smart systems that leverage advanced technologies such as machine learning and integrated IoT control are creating a next-generation industrial environment often termed 4.0.


How Can You Detect an Insider Threat?

Data security is a term we’re all pretty used to hearing by now, but cybercriminals are only one part of the equation. Did you know that internal employees can also pose a threat to your business? Insider threats are caused by internal staff, employees, or partners who either wish to cause the company harm - or who simply compromise your organization’s data security through carelessness or lack of training.

Monitoring A Hybrid Workforce, The New Norm

Before Covid-19, there were many reasons why employees worked remotely. For some, it was about removing distractions, and for others, it was about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. But as the world starts to reopen, companies now need to decide whether they continue to allow employees to work remotely or not. According to SHRM, 50% of companies recently surveyed, intend to keep offering a hybrid work arrangement, which means that organizations will need to find ways to monitor and manage employees while they’re in the office or at home. The benefits and challenges of a hybrid workforce Gauging employee productivity and engagement using technology How remote monitoring tools can provide metrics for companies of all sizes