April showers bring Humio around the world!

A key part of observability is being seen - and that’s true whether it’s your logs or your team! From Security to Development to DevOps, the Humio team will be on the road in April. Will you also be at one of these events? Make sure to watch the talks from the Humio team and come say hi and get a demo at our booth! We’ll have super awesome Humio giveaways :)


Studying the Logs - Humio gets an A+ from Lix

For new businesses and platforms that are constantly monitoring, analyzing, and organizing their logging data, keeping on top of those logs can be a frightful proposition, downright monstrous even. For Lix, the study platform aimed at students pursuing higher education, it was imperative that the company be able to keep track of user demands.


Delete Events and the Act of Forgetting

Logs are meant to record the running history of your system - the application and infrastructure of what you are trying to deliver. Humio enables this observability by combining information from the past and what is happening now. In the modern world, we want to retain as much information as possible, but just as important as remembering, is the act of forgetting.

Alex Tasioulis: Observability for Microservices - Practical Advice @ QCon London 2019

The simple goal of observability is to make systems better. Gaining insights into the behavior of systems is critical to improve their overall health and resiliency and this is imperative for distributed systems, especially those with more cloud native architectures like microservices. But observing these complex software architectures can be a real pain.

Humio secures $9M in Series A funding from Accel to continue building live log analysis platform

Today I am excited to share that we have secured a Series A funding round of $9M, bringing Accel to the Humio family and expanding our abilities to deliver the de-facto log management solution for developers, IT, and security operations teams. Accel invests in exceptional founders with unique insights, from inception through all phases of growth, and is onboard to support our expansion.


Humio at Logibec: A Healthy Look at Analytics

One of the most regulated industries in the world is healthcare. Working to modernize a slow moving industry is no easy task. Luckily, Logibec is working to make healthcare perform in the modern world. The company is a major player in the Canadian healthcare IT and has been leading the modernization effort for over 35 years.