The future of workplace messaging

Recently, a colleague of mine joked that she manages a marketing team of three: Claire, Mark, and Sally. The punchline is that she’s referring to Clearbit, Marketo, and Salesforce. She felt that way because they each have their own role with unique insights and jobs, and her team shares information with everyone else the same way she does through chat.


Mattermost as a communication gateway

The Mattermost platform is a powerful messaging tool that enables secure team collaboration. Rather than creating unique Mattermost plugins for each tool, Cognitio created a custom SMTP mail intercept capability that leverages AWS Lambda functionality and custom code to create integrations for a number of third-party applications.


Building confidence and gaining experience with good open source projects

This year, I got a unique opportunity to call in at Mattercon 2020 and give a talk about my experience working on Mattermost and open source software (OSS) in general. I talked about how OSS helped me grow as a self-taught developer and how working on issues from Mattermost’s repos helped me gain experience and confidence in software development. In this article, I will highlight some of the things I talked about and also throw in a few pointers related to working on OSS.


Creating powerful automations with n8n and Mattermost

Tanay is the Head of Developer Relations at n8n. He has published books on WebVR, virtual assistants on Raspberry Pi, and FirefoxOS. He has been listed in the about:credits of the Firefox web browser for his contributions to the different open source projects of the Mozilla Foundation. I’ve been involved in the DevOps world for a while and yet I finished reading The Phoenix Project only recently. The book piqued my interest in how teams execute their incident response playbooks.


Support for ESR 5.9 has ended: Upgrade to ESR 5.19 for improved security, performance, mobile app compatibility, and user experience

As of April 15, 2020, Mattermost Extended Support Release (ESR) version 5.9 is no longer supported. If any of your servers are not on ESR 5.19 or later, we highly recommend that you upgrade immediately. With our simple upgrade steps, it takes only a few minutes. Mattermost adopts a monthly tick-tock release cycle, with a new version shipping on the 16th of each month.

DevOps Collaboration for Remote Teams

As many teams scramble to adopt remote work, many DevOps teams are turning to messaging and integrated workflows to collaborate effectively. But how can remote teams use messaging effectively? How can you use messaging in conjunction with other collaboration tools? We’ll show you how you can use a collaboration platform like Mattermost to make the most of popular tools like the Atlassian suite and improve the workflow of your remote teams. We’ll also talk about our experiences as a remote-first company and how our team moves quickly and stays in sync.

Advanced Git with the Free University of Tbilisi

On Monday, March 16, 2020, I had the privilege to (virtually) join Shota Gvinepadze and his students at the Free University of Tbilisi and speak about “Advanced Git @ Mattermost” for a portion of their class time. The following are my speaking notes from the session, slightly modified from the original slides for this format. Keep in mind that the command line examples are illustrative of my workflow, and not meant to be run in isolation.


Making employees feel appreciated with the UMatter bot

In the middle of January 2020, I got a notification about the upcoming Mattermost hackathon that was being hosted on the HackerEarth platform. I checked out the hackathon page but I forgot about it the next day when I went to work. One morning, I was surfing the internet sipping my coffee and landed on a website that discussed why employee churn rate is high in organizations.