High Availability

In this Rundeck Tutorial, you'll learn how to configure Rundeck Enterprise to automatically failover to another cluster member if an instance goes down during a job execution or is not available when a job is scheduled to run. Automatic Job Schedule takeovers Remote execution policies Automatic job resume for executions running during an outage Manually move job schedule ownership to another Rundeck instance

Rundeck + ServiceNow Achieve Shorter Incidents, Fewer Escalations

ITSM (IT Service Management) is an important part of any IT organization and ServiceNow is the clear market leader. The goal of most operations teams is to automate as much as possible and provide self-service to enable quicker turnaround time for users requesting services. Rundeck can help with both of these use-cases. The combination of Rundeck and ServiceNow create a comprehensive solution for help-desk technicians or NOC operators to allow them to safely execute sensitive processes, thus reducing escalations and resolving incidents quicker.

Rundeck Enterprise Tutorial: ACL Tutorial with Example

This short demo shows an example of how to give restricted permissions to a NOC (Network Operations Center) technician. Specifically, give access to only one single project and only the permissions to run jobs in that project (i.e. they can't modify, delete or create other jobs). This is done by ACLs at the 'system' level to give access to the project, and at the 'project' level to give access to the jobs within that project.

Rundeck Enterprise Plugin: Windows Diagnostic Data

This short Rundeck demo demonstrates a PowerShell plugin that shows useful info about your Windows system like version, uptime, memory, storage size and free percentage, IP addresses, product key, and installed software. You can set options to enable/disable features as well as set a filter for software.
See a Demo of Rundeck Enterprise : Download Rundeck Open Source here.