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The First Annual StatusGator Status Page Awards

StatusGator monitors 411 different status pages, amassing a mountain of data about each. From when they are down and for how long, to what they post, to which pages people monitor the most and everything in between. Using that data, we are proud to present the first of an annual reflection on the past year. The First Annual StatusGator Status Page Awards seeks to applaud (and perhaps gently shame) a number of cloud services that stood out to us among our massive trove of status page data.


Will Status Pages Become A Cloud Computing Trend in 2019?

Technology is the core of almost every business today, and with more industries choosing to move to the cloud from on-premise, the increased demand for robust cloud server technology continues to grow. It makes sense for businesses of every size, with the added benefit of offering far greater data security and increased connectivity for employees and business units. What’s more, the cost is often less than onsite server solutions on the market today.


When it comes to system metrics, skip vanity and promote transparency

At Hosted Graphite, our users rely on us for a heavy-duty component of their business: monitoring their stack. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and we realize how critical it is for a user to know right away whether the problem detected is related to their own systems or to our system. That’s why we choose to publish our internal system metrics to our public status page.


9 Under Maintenance Page Tips To Keep Control During Site Work

A site under maintenance can be stressful for employees and customers. In our fast paced and hyper-competitive business environment, pulling through unharmed from a difficult situation requires a lot of effort, communication and teamwork. Often the level of effort required to ensure things run smoothly goes unnoticed by those on the outside of your organization.


A How-To Guide To SLAs (Service Level Agreements), Best Practices, And Why They Are So Important To Customers

You’ve heard it so many times: Transparent communication is the key to any successful relationship. The banking industry learned this lesson when cyber attacks began to plague their customers, and the official line for many financial institutions was to deny there was a problem. That is until the hacks became so profound and so persistent that it became impossible to cover them up any longer.


JungleDisk Case Study

Modern businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to protecting their data, one that changes rapidly in our technology-focused lives: Backups fail; local disks fail; files become corrupted; hackers prey on IT users. Jungle Disk was founded to deliver robust data security to clients across a wide range of industry sectors and, since 2006, have been providing their clients with the latest technologies to keep their critical information safe.