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Who's Better at Downtime Communication: IT or Marketing?

In her CIO online post, “6 Blunders to Avoid When Dealing with End Users,” Mary Brandel discusses some of the mistakes IT professionals make when interacting with end users. In short, the article calls attention to some common limitations within IT staff when communicating with customers. This isn’t a matter of intelligence or willingness.


Using a Status Page in your Incident response process

A status page is a communication tool that allows you to display the current working status of your various services - whether fully functional, partially degraded, severely affected, etc. The nomenclature of the service status can be defined by you. On the status page, you can also access & update the uptime and incident history data for all your internal facing or customer impacting components.


Introducing Office 365 Status Notifications Directly to your Corporate Status Page

For over 6 years, StatusCast has been providing your employees with a single location where they can view and subscribe to application and IT service outage A StatusCast status page lets you add third party SaaS applications directly to your status page. We are constantly adding new SaaS providers to our list, but are pleased to announce that we now support one of the most popular SaaS products available: Office 365 Status


Top IT Outages of 2019

Today’s news is filled with stories about the failures of IT and the impact to companies, consumers and brands. Because modern business relies heavily on IT, system outages and IT downtime have become a standard part of ‘doing business.’ 2019 saw several big outage stories. We’ve shared our Top 5 picks and discuss the importance of implementing an IT status page to help you successfully manage your organization’s IT downtime.


Under The Hood: Inside a Status Page Aggregator

StatusGator is a status page aggregator. We monitor the world’s status pages and provide a unified dashboard which tracks the status pages each user cares about. But how do we collect and normalize all this data? To get started with StatusGator, you choose the services you already use from our list. For each service, you select the specific components from their status pages that you depended on.


Your Status Page is Useless If You Don't Use it

Over the past several years, status pages have become more and more commonplace. They are not just a feature of the behemoth cloud providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, but common among the multitudinous rank-and-file SaaS companies that every modern business depends on. Having a well-maintained status page is not just a luxury anymore.


The IT Status Page for Employees ROI Calculator

Does your help desk get overwhelmed with tickets when an IT issue occurs because communication with employees is either insufficient or non-existent? Have you considered implementing an IT status page to improve this communication failure, but have found it difficult to justify the expense? Statuscast built its IT Status Page ROI Calculator with you in mind.