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How we used Caddy and Laravel's subdomain routing to serve our status pages

We recently launched our new Status Page feature. Under the hood, it's using the Caddy proxy server and Laravel's subdomain routing to serve the right status page on the right domain. With this technology stack, we can automatically generate, configure & renewe the SSL certificates for custom domains of our clients. In this post we'll deep dive in to our current setup.

oh dear

Introducing status pages for all our users!

We're proud to introduce a new major feature to all our Oh Dear users: Status Pages! All our users will now find a Status Pages feature in their dashboard, in the top level navigation. It allows you to create one or more status pages to keep your users informed in case of downtime or emergency. We're not limiting the amount of status pages you can create. You're free to create 1 or 100, it's all up to you.

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New Feature: Announcements for the Status Pages (Pro Plan)

A status page is a very easy-to-setup, nice and automated way to share the status of the websites/servers with visitors, users and teammates. And, the ability to share additional info with users like current issues or an upcoming maintenance can only make it better.


Announcing our integration

Ever go to a status page and it says everything is operational when it definitely isn’t? You refresh maddeningly thinking it might be you. You ponder if the bill for the internet has been paid. Then, as a last resort, you check Twitter only to discover hundreds of people are experiencing the same problem. This is common, and because of it, we’re happy to release out integration with!


New in StatusCast: Incident Detail Pages

When your status page is buzzing with lots of information (and we hope it is!) you may find that viewing everything on a single page can be a bit overwhelming. For many of your end-users they may only be interested in a single type of incident or maybe a few components. Today we’ve added a new Incident Details page to help end-users get to the point and see data that’s relevant to them. Here’s how it works.


StatusCast Updates Status Page Service

StatusCast is always working to improve how IT Managers and Helpdesk Teams keep users apprised of system statuses during incidents and scheduled downtime. As a leading provider of corporate and SaaS status pages, we interview users and managers to better understand the status page landscape and use that information to constantly improve our corporate status board service.


Statuspal as Alternative to AdminLabs

It’s always sad to see products shut down, even if they are our competitors, so it’s the case of AdminLabs, as some new customers have brought to our attention. So we want to let any previous users of AdminLabs know, you’re welcome here at Statuspal, let us help you have a smooth transition to the only hosted status pages provider as feature rich, that provides native monitoring features right within your status page dashboard.