Introducing Talend Pipeline Designer

Are you looking to get the most from your digital transformation projects? Do you often wish there was an easier way to integrate all your streaming and cloud data without the complexity of traditional ETL tools? Well, now there is a simple cloud solution for all your data integration challenges. Talend Cloud just got even better with Pipeline Designer, a next-generation data integration design environment for modern data engineering.

Pipeline Designer Use Case: Real-time Retail Analytics

Welcome to Talend's Pipeline Designer, a self-service web UI that makes streaming data integration accessible, easy, and fast. Within this video, I’ll construct a pipeline using customer order data streaming from a website selling women’s clothes and shoes. Using some of Pipeline Designer’s most prominent processors and features, I’ll be able to calculate in real-time a customer's total basket price while also gaining early insight into potentially fraudulent activity.

Talend Cloud on Azure is Coming! Create A Faster, More Connected Cloud

Today during Microsoft Build 2019, we announced that Talend Cloud, our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), would soon be available on Microsoft Azure starting in Q3 2019. For those who have selected Azure as their cloud platform of choice, Talend Cloud running natively on Azure will provide enhanced connectivity options for modern data integration needs as well as better performance.


The Secret Recipe for Digital Transformation? Speed & Trust at Scale

Today’s ever-increasing competitive market is forcing organizations to become more data-driven. To support key business objectives such as growth, profitability and customer satisfaction, businesses must digitally transform and become reliant on more and more data to make laser sharp decisions faster.


The Fundamentals of Data Governance – Part 1

Among Talend’s blog posts are many outstanding ones on data governance, such as David Talaga’s “Life Might Be Like a Box of Chocolates, But Your Data Strategy Shouldn’t Be” which encourages us to know our data, and his two-part post on “6 Dos and Don’ts of Data Governance,” in which David offers steps to take and pitfalls to avoid when starting out on data governance.


Time-Tested Insights on Creating Competitive API Programs

When the Application Program Interface (API) first came into existence, developers viewed it as a revolutionary approach to creating re-usable software fragments. Instead of creating new code from scratch for every new program, they could now use existing functionality to develop new features. Not only did this decrease the amount of time needed to deploy a program but also meant they could leverage existing code which was already tried and tested.


Can You Trust Your Analytics Dashboard? 3 Steps To Build a Foundation of Trusted Data

We are in the era of the information economy. Now, more than ever, companies have the capabilities to optimize their process through the use of data and analytics. While there are endless possibilities to data analysis, there are still challenges with maintaining, integrating, cleaning it to ensure that it will empower the people to take decisions.

Pipeline Designer Use Case: Salesforce to Snowflake

Welcome to Talend's Pipeline Designer, a modern, flexible integration tool you can use to easily and powerfully process data at scale--FAST. In this video, you will see a real use case that extracts Order data from Salesforce.com and enriches it with data from a product catalog before loading the results to a Snowflake Data Warehouse for analysis.