Alteryx Designer – Advanced and Predictive Analytics Overview

Perform advanced analytics like a badass with drag-and-drop, code-free (and code-friendly) capabilities. Perform logistic regressions and build models with a full suite of advanced analytic tools. For those specific needs, our code-friendly tools help you collaborate with data scientists to package R and Python code across your analysis. Dive into predictive analytics now.

Alteryx Location Intelligence and Geo-Spatial Analytics

Transform your analysis from ordinary to extraordinary with built-in location intelligence and geo-spatial capabilities. Enrich every analysis with our ready to use Location Insights dataset from industry data sources like US Census Bureau, Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet. Quickly and easily reveal key location, consumer, and business insights without the help of a GIS specialist.

Alteryx Designer – Cleanse, Prepare, and Blend Data with Drag-and-Drop Ease

Data prep is the most crucial step in any analysis—bad data leads to bad insight. Stop wasting 80% of your time preparing data before analysis. Cleanse, prepare, and blend datasets using drag and drop tools with repeatability, so you can focus on game-changing insight, not mundane data prep.

Alteryx Visualytics Overview – Charts, Reports, Interactive Dashboards

Solving complex data problems is easier when you can see your data as it changes. See how Alteryx Visualytics instantly validates data health, quality, and statistical distribution as you work, empowering you to bring insights to life through charts, reports, and interactive dashboards.