How We Built & Scaled Log Search and Pattern Extraction

We recently added the ability to search and aggregate trace logs in Lightstep! With conventional logging systems, developers often lack the system context necessary to debug issues. With Lightstep’s new log analysis features, we have unified familiar logging features with the rich tracing data to provide only the context relevant to your investigation.


How Distributed Tracing Makes Logs More Valuable

A few months ago, I sat down to chat with a platform team leader from one of Lightstep’s customers. We were talking about observability (big surprise!), and he made a fascinating remark: logging has become a “selfish” technology. So, what did he mean by this?? What is logging withholding with its selfishness? And how can we address this with a more thoughtful and unified approach to observability?

Observability's ROI Crisis: What Broke and How We Fix It

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in observability, performance monitoring, and management of the complex, many-layered cloud-native systems that organizations are building today. It has never been more important to maximize the benefits of available tools, to reduce overheads, and deliver on innovation and transformation goals.

Root Cause Analysis in Three Clicks: Announcing Major Updates to Lightstep's Distributed Tracing

Since the early days of distributed tracing at Google, we’ve been working to make complex systems easier to understand. Today, we’re excited to announce updates — including the ability to search logs on traces — that enable developers to identify the root cause of virtually any regression in three simple clicks.


Understanding Static Site Performance with OpenTelemetry

When you're building a static website, performance can be hard to measure. There are hundreds of variables and confounding conditions that can impact page load speed, everything from mundane considerations like the size of a PNG to the complex vagaries of Content Delivery Networks. How are you supposed to figure out if your users, the people that are trying to load your page, are having a good experience?


Optimize Your CI/CD Pipeline with Codefresh & Lightstep

How do you know if the changes that you’re making to your microservices are having the desired impact to your end-users? What happens after a deploy? Did your app’s performance remain the same? Were any bugs introduced? Do you need to roll back? With Codefresh and Lightstep, you’re able to more quickly, more accurately, and more easily ensure that any commit and build results in a better experience for your end-users.