Unleashing the "Power of Many" With Active Intelligence

From the Wright Brothers and Ada Lovelace, to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, when we consider who is behind the most celebrated innovations and industry transformations, we often think about individual bright thinkers and disruptors. However, over the years, studies have shown that the greatest potential lies in the “power of many," fostered by a shift in how new generations work.


The Keys to Unlocking the Benefits of a Modern Data Analytics Platform

Many organizations are working to become more data-driven – increasing data use and leveraging data insights to improve decision-making, solve their most challenging problems and improve revenue and profitability. A February 2020 IDC survey showed a direct correlation between quality decision-making and strong data-to-insight capabilities; 57 percent of organizations with the best data analytics pipelines received the highest decision-making score.


Engineering Industry Embracing Qlik's SaaS Analytics to Address Environmental and Sustainability Concerns

Working in the engineering field means navigating a variety of needs. Those range from meeting various local and national regulatory statutes, to measuring and monitoring delivery of essential outputs like drinking water and power supply, to understanding the data surrounding regional operations on both the supply and demand side. Organizations that serve this market operate behind the scenes, yet impact our daily life in the United States.


Democratizing Data Across a Dynamic Business With Qlik

The retail and manufacturing industries have had many new challenges due to COVID-19. As a leading action sports apparel company, La Jolla Group has persevered during this time. Now more than ever we rely on a holistic view of our forecasting, sales and production data. We have democratized this data empowering users from across the business to make well-informed business decisions, quickly. That’s where Qlik has shown real superiority over other platforms like Power BI and Tableau.

Qlik Sense SaaS Data Cataloging - Demo

Qlik Sense now includes an initial set of data catalog capabilities that will be the foundation for additional, related functionality in the future. Integrated Data Cataloging allows users to spend less time finding data and more time getting value out of it. And users can now assign tags and alternative business names to any dataset within the hub, as well as view sample data, making it easy for them to find and determine which data is best to use within a new or existing app.