How to Foil the 6 Stages of a Network Intrusion

The cost of a breach is on the rise. A recent report from IBM revealed that the average cost of a data breach had risen 12 percent over the past five years to $3.92 million per incident on average. Additionally, this publication uncovered that data breaches originating from malicious digital attacks were both the most common and the most expensive types of security incidents.


Toyota Parts Supplier Loses $37 Million in Email Scam

Toyota Boshoku, a seating and interiors supplier for Toyota cars, has revealed that it was tricked into moving a large amount of money into a bank account controlled by scammers. In a statement published on its global website, Toyota Boshoku Corporation said that its European subsidiary was duped into transferring approximately four billion yen (over US $37 million) out of the business and into a bank account controlled by criminals on 14 August.


What Is the ISA/IEC 62443 Framework?

Cybersecurity threats to manufacturing and process plants are coming from a wide range of attack vectors including supply chain, logistics, enterprise computing, remote connections, operator stations, programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems (DCSs), smart sensors and new smart devices. Many emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and communications technologies offer greater connectivity, but they make the cyber landscape more complex.


10 of the Most Significant Ransomware Attacks of All Time

For years, ransomware actors have developed new families and attack campaigns in increasing frequency and numbers. Such activity peaked in 2017 but then fell in tandem with cryptocurrency miners’ rise. This development was short-lived, however. Between Q4 2018 and Q1 2019, Malwarebytes observed a 195 percent increase in ransomware detections involving business targets. The rate was even greater compared to Q1 2018 at 500 percent.


Integrating Security to DevOps: Fundamental Principles Are Crucial!

Changing consumer demands posed a serious challenge to the IT industry; it pushed firms to brainstorm about quick product delivery. This demand eventually gave rise to the demand for collaboration between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams, welcoming the DevOps trend. As a result, everything started progressing well with increased development, enhanced collaboration, advanced testing, high productivity and minimized time to market.


Don't Trade Convenience for Security: Protect the Providence of your Work

I recently volunteered as an AV tech at a science communication conference in Portland, OR. There, I handled the computers of a large number of presenters, all scientists and communicators who were passionate about their topic and occasionally laissez-faire about their system security. As exacting as they were with the science, I found many didn’t actually see a point to the security policies their institutions had, or they had actively circumvented them. A short survey heard reasoning like


Hundreds of millions of Facebook users' phone numbers found lying around on the internet

TechCrunch reports that a security researcher stumbled across an exposed server on the internet containing databases with a total of more than 419 million records related to Facebook users. According to TechCrunch’s reporting, each database record contains a user’s unique Facebook account ID (from which it’s possible to determine a user name) and phone numbers attached to the account.


Don't Let Your Analysts Become the Latest Victims of Burnout!

Working as a cybersecurity analyst is incredibly challenging. It’s one of the only roles in IT that requires 24/7/365 availability. The constant stressors of the job can overload security analysts, which ultimately leads to burnout—affecting every factor of the job from performance to talent retention.


Survey Reveals Kubernetes Usage Skyrocketing, but Security Concerns Remain

Containers have become a popular technology for enterprises that need to create agile, scalable and reliable applications. As they’re moving containerized workloads into production, many are adopting Kubernetes for container orchestration. While containerization enables DevOps to deploy software fast and efficiently, it also creates new security challenges, especially for those who’ve accelerated their implementation of this complex technology.

How Global Processing Services Uses Tripwire to Achieve & Maintain Policy Compliance

Global Processing Services (GPS) uses Tripwire to solve its biggest security challenge year after year – meeting PCI compliance. Chief Information Security Officer Alex Radford shares how Tripwire solutions help the organization monitor and remediate changes to effectively achieve and maintain policy compliance.