Service Management


Quantifying the Digital Employee Experience

We’ve talked to a lot of people about their company’s digital employee experience the past few years – from C-suite executives and board members looking to make sure they’re doing what they can to make work lives better and retain staff, to the actual CIOs and IT managers tasked with changing and improving their employees’ workplace experience. We’ve even heard from employees on the front lines every day about what works and what doesn’t at their companies.


The Three Imperatives For A Successful Digital Workplace

In order for employees to get their jobs done in today’s world, they are relying on IT departments to deliver and support more complex and diverse technologies than ever before. It seems like every employee has their own preferred workflow that is supported by a specific data set, program, app or device, and IT is expected to understand and support them all.


Making Time: The 100-Hour Solution

You’re losing time every day — time that your employees could spend focusing on critical tasks, solving persistent problems or innovating new ideas. Instead, they’re fighting with technology, struggling to make devices and services perform as they should. As noted by Information Age, the average U.K. worker loses more than nine days per year due to technology trouble.