Business Continuum: Scoro's trusted partner for AU and NZ

Business Continuum is a cloud workflow expert on a mission to help businesses maximize productivity using the cloud. Operating since 2014, the company was born in the cloud and exclusively works with top tier cloud applications. Their target industry sectors are agencies, accounting and architectural firms as well as engineers.


7 reasons your website needs a chatbot

C hatbots are essentially programs built to simulate human conversations. You can create automated chat scripts that will follow a defined conversation flow with the users. Hence, the bots act as virtual assistants that can be configured to pose as human customer support agents. Bots are being used to provide information to customers, take orders from them, or guide users to relevant sections of the website.


Using data to amplify the Voice of Customer

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a customer’s journey could begin at a myriad of touchpoints from every possible direction. It’s dizzying, but because customer experience is a key differentiator, it’s more important than ever to have a holistic understanding of the customer’s journey from every new touchpoint — across the entire organization. The different parts of your organization need to understand each other.


Wire continues growth

Wire announces key hires in US and Europe as company sales double. November 12th, 2019 - London, San Francisco and Berlin - Wire, the world’s most secure collaboration platform, today announces three new senior hires as it looks to continue with its accelerated upward trajectory, following another quarter of impressive sales growth. The multinational technology company has consistently been doubling sales quarter over quarter.


The ultimate guide to build your knowledge base

A knowledge base is a centralized repository of articles and information related to your product or system. It contains several short articles that provide you explicit details on how to use the product or system. These articles also provide information on how to resolve specific issues that one might experience while using the product or system.


Automate these 5 support workflows to save time and increase empathy

As a dedicated support leader, your customers are your top priority. And you’re keen to provide them with faster, more efficient support. But, you’re worried that automating your support workflows will make your customer interactions feel robotic and insincere.


Dropbox & Trello: Turn Up Team Collaboration With More Features

Other than getting coffee and checking Twitter, there are two activities that are essential in your workday—collaborating with coworkers and sharing information. Communication happens constantly so your team needs a shared perspective on tasks, projects, and progress. That’s why Dropbox is partnering with Trello to bring more harmony to your team’s workspaces.