How a German service company used Wire to transform the way they do business

Making collaboration efficient and most importantly mobile isn’t always an easy task for small businesses. With the European GDPR regulation customer contact is now regulated, having a large impact on businesses in the maintenance, repair, service or construction industry. These businesses need to comply to the same regulations as Europe’s largest companies.


How to get the most out of your CISO at your next board meeting

Not that long ago, a company’s board of directors would meet once a year to be briefed on cybersecurity. The discussion would be brief, and it certainly wouldn’t be strategic. Today, things have changed. Boards not only have a responsibility to protect shareholder value (by protecting company assets held digitally), but there are also regulatory and personal liabilities that could come from a data breach.


Avoid A Cat-astrophe: Commit To A Team Knowledge Base Trello Board

"Knowledge Base Management System." While that phrase seems like a jolly jumble of business word jargon, every team has one (yes, even if it’s just an old email thread). In plain words, a knowledge base is a source of information that is collected about a particular subject. As teams grow from infancy, they get smarter about what makes them run like a well-oiled machine, like new processes, pertinent research, and rules for how to operate within their team.


The Power Of Partners; Because A Platform Alone Is Not Enough

As ServiceNow President and CEO John Donahoe has said, if all you have is ‘just’ a software platform, then that’s not enough to bring about digital transformation in real terms. For our customers now looking to take their businesses forward and reap the benefits of digital workflows, partners play an essential role in helping to re-engineer processes and ensure any given implementation is carried out in a high-quality manner.


How a local Co-op uses OneDesk to manage maintenance at its retail locations

Cooperatives, also known as co-ops, are businesses owned by a group of people who are united in their needs and goals. Because co-ops are run by a committee, they often are focused on serving their local community. This sense of shared ownership ensures an eye is kept towards upkeep and safety in each of the retail locations. As with all work, this upkeep and maintenance needs to be logged, tracked, and managed.


Introducing Embedded Chat: now in Teamwork Projects and Desk

Before you read this, take a quick glance at your browser bar. How many tabs do you see? Less than 5? You’ve definitely achieved Marie Kondo levels of organization. We’re jealous. But if you’re like the majority of us, during your working day you probably have 20+ tabs open at any given time. While it might feel like having multiple browser tabs open helps you to get more done, in fact, the opposite is true.