Checklist for enterprise executives and boards

Executives drive the most sensitive and confidential discussions within your business. So, it’s sobering to think that many of the work processes today are still organized and built around email, paper documents and insecure messaging and file sharing services in many Fortune 1000 companies. These conversations are often extended to board members - external parties to the organization and outside the corporate firewall.

How Engineering does DevOps using Slack | Slack Frontiers 2019

See how DevOps teams use Slack, from code reviews to cross-functional communication. We’ll show how technical teams centralize and automate their workflows through Slack using all their favorite tools and apps. You’ll come away with an understanding of how Slack helps DevOps teams work more efficiently, leading to stronger features and faster releases.

Anticipating, monitoring and managing incidents via Slack | Slack Frontiers 2019

Hear why—and how—leading enterprises use Slack to monitor network quality, respond to incidents and keep customers happy. We’ll cover how Slack keeps multiple departments aligned and in sync. See how teams use Slack to share essential information and interact with customers in real time, reducing time to resolution.

New webinars to take at any stage of your Teamwork Projects journey

We’ve recently launched a new series of webinars to help you and your team to get the most out of Teamwork Projects. Rather than focusing on the features in isolation, these sessions are designed to look at the big picture and show you how you can leverage those features to address real-world business problems. Our goal is to help you learn how to use Teamwork Projects to overcome common roadblocks, empower your team to be more productive, and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.


5 Advantages of Deploying a Data Governance Solution

The explosion of unstructured content is undeniable, and this growth is being fueled by businesses. The files that keep the wheels of business turning — documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs — double in volume every 1-2 years. As unstructured content becomes more integral to business gets done, its value grows too. As it goes with anything of value, it becomes highly coveted, even to the point that others try to steal it. So what is a business to do?