Why Mattermost built a Kubernetes Operator

Mattermost is a state-of-the-art, highly scalable open source messaging platform for secure team collaboration. Kubernetes is a robust open source container management platform that runs on any land-based or cloud infrastructure and automates the installation, configuration, and maintenance of diverse, highly distributed systems. It sounds like Mattermost and Kubernetes are made for each other. And it’s getting even better.

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LiveAgent: Help Desk Software with Unlimited Options

Customer service is trendy topic these days. After there was a boom around technology at the start of 21st century, the internet has settled down and now it’s more about the basics. Automation has taken huge part of the overall human resources and people are demanding human approach, even if it’s on the internet. Today we are going to review one of the oldest customer service software around, LiveAgent.


What You Need to Know About B2B Customer Success to Beat Your Competition

Great companies have always cared about their customers. When a customer pays for a service or offering, it’s up to the company to make sure what they paid for meets their needs. In the past, this may have meant a follow-up call or two, and then the company moved on. However, as the B2B customer experience evolved, a single phone call is no longer good enough. Now, companies have entire “customer success” teams that focus solely on ensuring the customer is happy and remains that way.


The Lean Portfolio Manifesto: a conversation-starter

From its outset, the agile methodology defined how teams operated for decades. Yet, the success realized within product and development organizations triggered an explosion of adoption. From rapid development, faster time to resolution, to improved communication and better product quality, there’s no debate: the benefits of agile are real and they are impactful. Get stories like this in your inbox