Personal hosted Riot + Matrix-now available from Modular!

Attention Matrix fans! Modular has just announced public availabilty of their personal hosted homeservers! Starting at $10/month for a 5-user server, they’re speedy, they’re reliable, and just like their larger cousins come with a custom-branded Riot Web instance and can be used with your existing domain name. And did I mentions there’s a one month free trial? What are you even waiting for!?


Why Life Sciences Needs the Science of Security

Those who have worked in the life sciences industry have undoubtedly observed a sea of change in the discipline over the past twenty years. From new modalities (like CAR-T to microbiome) to external collaborations, the way drugs are developed in the 21st century is more complex, more distributed, and faster. Alongside fundamentally new discoveries is a pan-industry shift from on-premise computing to the cloud.

Team Building: The Ultimate Guide to Activities, Strategies, and Skill Development

Few ideas have generated as much intrigue among business owners, managers, and HR professionals as team building has in recent years. While it may sound like an excuse to goof off at work, team building activities and exercises are designed to improve employee relationships, increase productivity, and develop a unified, positive company culture.

Making CX smarter and more personalized with Zendesk and AWS

Creating more personalized and modernized customer experiences means first understanding the customer experience—that means bringing customer data together from a variety of different sources. It’s a great idea in theory, but it’s also a complicated one. Support professionals understand the need to bring all that data in, but the technical elements are often too costly and complicated to prioritize.


How A Software Company Uses OneDesk To Manage Internal Operations & Customer Requests

Businesses specialized in development, deployment, and maintenance of software products are currently experiencing a commendable market boom. It is undoubtedly the prime of the industry. In this age of technological advancement, the software is the soul of every computing device you can think of, and it is the core of any emerging technology from artificial intelligence to internet of things and robotics. We can only conclude that the outlook on the industry’s growth is on the positive side.


Wire selected by Arrow Electronics as first secure collaboration offering for enterprise customers

Global technology provider Arrow Electronics has selected Wire as the first secure collaboration platform to be offered through its reseller network; to customers in the UK and Ireland. Wire is a secure collaboration platform for enterprise. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure complete security and privacy and transform the way businesses communicate.