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Understanding Agile vs. DevOps

DevOps and Agile are two of the most used buzzwords currently being tossed around in software development and IT. Both practices represent a cultural shift in an organization. However, the two concepts are not identical, and many organizations fail to understand the difference between them. Agile vs. DevOps has become one of the most trending debates in the industry. Before jumping into how DevOps differs from Agile, let us first understand the two methodologies.


Announcement: Opsgenie is Now Live in Atlassian's Community!

We have exciting news! Now, just like every other Atlassian product Opsgenie now has a collection in the Atlassian Community. We've been working as a team to create a meaningful Opsgenie space in Atlassian's Community. The Community is a rich online resource that gathers users, customers, Technical Support, Product Managers, Product Marketers, and more.


Best-of-breed or Monolith: what does your IT Ops tool stack need?

As a Product Manager at BigPanda, I like to stay in touch with our customers on a regular basis. Recently, I visited a customer of ours in Atlanta. As I was getting got out of my rental car in the company’s parking lot, I noticed him pulling in into his small parking space in a very large pickup truck. “Those are some big wheels”, I commented. “With all the traffic problems in Atlanta, why aren’t you driving something smaller or using a scooter-sharing service like some of your other employees?”


Cut Through Complexity With Better Event Intelligence

As operational complexity accelerates, our customers are realizing that it’s impossible to manage their services or innovate for their business without a mechanism to make sense of that complexity. That’s why our March product update focuses on Event Intelligence, which is all about turning chaotic monitoring data into actionable insights so that teams can work smarter and focus on the things that matter.


The New Team On-Call Checklist

Efficient DevOps and IT teams are constantly getting better at maintaining a CI/CD pipeline and deploying new code quickly – sometimes thousands of times per day. But, without a focus on reliability, the speed at which you release new products and services doesn’t mean much of anything. With great delivery speed comes great on-call responsibility (Sorry – bad Spider-Man reference).


U.K. Calls a “Brexit” on Pagers

National Health Service’s (NHS) recent announcement on the ban of the pager represents great news for U.K. healthcare organizations and their practitioners. The ban not only represents a transformative move, it also showcases pagers’ lackluster performance in providing secure, clinical communications. Now that pagers are making their way out of U.K.


Top 3 DevOps Books for 2019

A dedication to continuous improvement is one of the core principles of DevOps. Keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies and practices in DevOps will help you build more efficient teams and maintain more reliable services. And, what better way is there to educate yourself and stay tuned into the latest DevOps news than by reading top-notch books? You may have already read some of these top DevOps books but there may also be a few in here that you haven’t yet had a chance to review.


Postmortems Part 3: Getting The Most Out Of Your Postmortem Meetings

When we announced the launch of our Postmortem Guide, I wrote about the value of performing blameless postmortems and how to establish a culture of continuous learning. In this final installment of our blog series on postmortems, I share how to have effective postmortem meetings.