Incident Management

Why DevOps Matters: Collaborative Transparency in Incident Management

DevOps drives collaboration, transparency, and productivity throughout the entire software delivery and incident management lifecycle. By building teams dedicated to continuous improvement, the delivery of reliable services, and focused on the true value behind a DevOps culture, incident management sucks less.

Build the Resilient Future Faster: Creating a Culture of Reliability

Building a DevOps culture of accountability and collaboration improves system reliability and uptime. We’re sharing our own experiences with developing a modern DevOps structure that drives reliability. As the creator of incident management software, we know how important uptime is for our customers.

ShipIt 44: Solving Problems Creatively and Shipping Improvements

Recently, we shared a blog postabout Opsgenie’s first ShipIt experience as part of the Atlassian TEAM. As mentioned in the previous post, ShipIt is Atlassian’s “hackathon” style event, which encourages every employee to creatively solve problems and develop innovative product features.