How the “Diamond Model” Can Help SOC Analysts Boost Incident Response

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will: Attackers have breached your defenses and are stalking your network. What are your next steps? This is a question I hear frequently and it’s one that will continue to be asked until we’ve perfectly learned how to detect and monitor east-west visibility within our organizations.


Siemplify Raises $30M to Take Security Operations to the Next Level

Big day today at Siemplify! We just announced that we have raised $30 million in Series C funding. This injection of capital brings us another step closer to delivering on our vision of providing the market-leading, vendor-agnostic platform that truly manages security operations from end to end.


3 Types of Collaboration That Need to Be Originating from Your Security Operations Center

Each year, right around the time when winter turns to spring in the United States, 64 college basketball teams stage an annual win-or-go-home tournament. The competitions’s memorable history of thrilling moments and sudden chaos has earned it the moniker “March Madness.”


How Siemplify Uses Machine Learning to Drive SOC Efficiency

The promise of machine learning in cybersecurity, specifically inside the security operations center, is vast, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Machine learning can’t solve all your problems. Yet if you’re using the Siemplify Security Operations Platform, machine learning is playing an increasingly prominent role.


Security Automation Saves Money, Time and Work

The evolving threat landscape just gets more complex and brutal as time goes on. Targeted threats abound as advanced persistent threat campaigns, cyberwarfare, distributed denial of service attacks, and spearphishing. Meanwhile, zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits continue to be frequent occurrences. It’s a hostile cyber world out there, and it’s easy for organizations and enterprises to get overwhelmed.


Integrating Vulnerability Management into your SOAR to shorten investigation time

Vulnerability Management has come along way in recent years. Once thought to be a once a month process, modern vulnerability solutions offer organizations near unlimited flexibility in regards to when and how vulnerability scans take place. Now, with continuous visibility into the vulnerabilities across their environments, IT teams can take action fast when a critical asset is flagged as vulnerable.

Splunk Phantom

If you work on a security team, you probably deal with a complex security infrastructure, including a range of technologies from multiple sources, in addition to limited resources to defend your organization. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Splunk Phantom — your go-to SOAR solution — comes to the rescue by integrating your team, processes and tools so you can bring your best defense forward in no time flat.

Escape Compliance Hell with SecOps Collaboration and Automation

Imagine your house is on fire, your neighbor spots the fire first, walks across the street to tell you your house is on fire, and then takes a seat on his front porch and watches it burn. He doesn’t call 911. He doesn’t pick up a hose to try to douse it. He doesn’t help to make sure everybody is out of the house. Unfortunately this extreme example is the extent of what security scanning tools do for enterprise IT teams and the digital businesses they serve.

SaltAir 36 - A SaltStack SecOps Demo

Watch this episode of SaltAir to see a live demo of SaltStack SecOps automate continuous compliance for enterprise IT infrastructure. SaltStack SecOps is unique in providing IT operations and security teams with a collaborative, event-driven automation and orchestration platform. SaltStack SecOps scans IT systems against custom or industry standard security policies then automates the remediation of security vulnerabilities associated with misconfigured, non-compliant infrastructure.