Cherwell & PagerDuty: Getting Real (Time) About Digital Transformation

Digital transformation may be the largest shift the IT industry will experience in a lifetime. It’s a term used throughout the tech industry and in various contexts. Gartner defines it as “…anything from IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimization, to the invention of new digital business models,” which has massive implications for almost every organization.

Internet Leader Natural Intelligence Now Resolving Glitches in Minutes Rather than Days

Natural Intelligence runs comparison websites that generate millions in ad traffic. A glitch could easily cost the company thousands in ad revenue. CTO Lior Schachter and other members of the NI team share the difference Anodot Autonomous Analytics has made across the company.

LogicMonitor and PagerDuty: Beyond the Basics

Out-of-the-box integrations are great, and they help organizations see an immediate return on investment when the technologies they have invested in work together seamlessly. However, a little customization to these integrations can dramatically increase productivity and reduce mean time to resolution. Here we will address a couple of best practices and customizations that can take your PagerDuty and LogicMonitor integration to the next level.


Incident Management in a Complex Serverless Framework

Serverless frameworks can lead to highly efficient, scalable systems that allow developers to build complex software faster and more reliably. Serverless frameworks allow engineering teams to focus on individual functions across multiple applications or microservices and eliminates numerous problems with maintaining physical hardware. Serverless capabilities are also often referred to as Functions as a Service (or FaaS).

LISA19 - Lightning Talk by Squadcast : How to SRE without an SRE on Your Team

Squadcast is an incident management tool that’s purpose-built for SRE. Create a blameless culture by reducing the need for physical war rooms, centralize SLO dashboards, unify internal and external SLIs and automate incident resolution with Squadcast Actions and create a knowledge base to effectively handle incidents.

Birth of the Angry Bear Ringtone

Did you know ringtones in the PagerDuty mobile app are one of the most-requested features customers contact us about? And have you ever wondered what makes a good ringtone and how we come up with them? Imagine the following: You’re on an on-call rotation with no end in sight. There might be a trusted responder you can page in for help, but they’re already burnt out. The Incident Commander won’t be any assistance, because you are the Incident Commander.


Top Metrics for Measuring DevOps Delivery Value

Software developers and operations teams are constantly improving the way they move code into production and execute tests to maintain consistent delivery of reliable services. But, how do most organizations track the success of organizational changes? When a company adopts DevOps principles, how do they show the value of these changes to the engineering teams and the overall business?


Postmortems vs. Retrospectives: When (and How) to Use Each Effectively

When we announced the launch of our Retrospectives Guide, we wrote about the value of scaling the continuous improvement mindset to beyond Product Development at PagerDuty by establishing the RetroDuty community. In this installment of our blog post series on retrospectives, I highlight the differences between postmortems and retrospectives. You might have heard of postmortems and/or retrospectives before reading our guides.


Pavlos Ratis shares his experience on being an SRE

Pavlos is a Site Reliability Engineer based in Munich, Germany. He likes building software and expanding his knowledge around the reliability of services and their infrastructure. He has created a few open-source SRE projects such as the awesome-sre, Wheel of Misfortune, Availability Calculator, and awesome-chaos-engineering to assist teams and individuals in getting on board with the SRE culture.