Useful tools to manage your application's secrets

When you build and deploy an application, chances are that you need to store some form of secrets. These are typically things like credentials for 3rd party systems and database credentials. As an ASP.NET Core developer, Microsoft provides you with an easy way to store secrets like these in your development environment, namely the Secret Manager.


Integrating Gitlab CI/CD with Sysdig Secure

In this blog post we are going to cover how to perform Docker image scanning on the Gitlab CI/CD platform using Sysdig Secure. Container images that don’t meet the security policies that you define within Sysdig Secure will be stopped, breaking the build pipeline before being pushed to your production Docker registry.


Deeper Visibility into ECS and Fargate with Epsagon

Container orchestration services are becoming more and more popular, as teams are looking to run their container workloads at scale. Kubernetes is already extremely popular, as well as the managed orchestration services by the cloud providers. In particular, AWS’s ECS and Fargate, are commonly used among AWS users, often combined with Lambda functions and other AWS services.