AWS Lambda: Real-World Use Cases for the DevOps Engineer

Since AWS Lambda’s introduction in 2014, which marked the beginning of the of serverless evolution, the development world has benefited from unprecedented levels of velocity and agility. As a result, developers have been able to focus on development of new features and innovation, without having to maintain or provision complex infrastructure.


Third-Party Script Audit Checklist

The average website makes 20 JavaScript requests that transfer 410kb of data with each page load. This is according to HTTPArchive. Scripts are behind everything from analytics to advertising, so they affect everything. And now it’s easier than ever for non-technical users to insert these scripts – thanks to to Google Tag Manager and similar tools – without regard for the performance impact. It kills website speed.


Top Metrics for Measuring DevOps Delivery Value

Software developers and operations teams are constantly improving the way they move code into production and execute tests to maintain consistent delivery of reliable services. But, how do most organizations track the success of organizational changes? When a company adopts DevOps principles, how do they show the value of these changes to the engineering teams and the overall business?


Kubernetes 101

The appeal of running workloads in containers is intuitive and there are numerous reasons to do so. Shipping a process with its dependencies in a package that’s able to just run reduces the friction of organizational communication and operation. Relative to virtual machines, the size, simplicity, and reduced overhead of containers make a compelling case.


Study Finds That Code Quality Doesn't Influence Pull-Request Approvals

Pull requests are a staple of open source software. Someone finds a bug or inefficiency within a section of code, and they can submit a “pull request” through Git to the repository owner. The owner can compare the new code versus the original, and if they agree it’s better off with the new code, it’s in. Sounds like an open and shut case for high quality, right?


Test Automation & BDD: How They Fit Together

Many development problems arise from miscommunication. For example, a developer may start working on a specification that they don't fully understand or a stakeholder may request a feature without understanding the implications. The result is rework that increases costs, creates delays and, in many cases, leads to failed software projects that go well over budget.

Run a Perfect Bug Hunting Event in DevOps - Szilard Szell | SmartBear Talks

Szilard Szell, DevOps and Test Automation Expert, is sharing how to excel in exploratory testing and make bug hunting events a crucial part of the team life and where this concept fits into Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps. Watch the interview with Szilard and share your experience after doing bug hunting in comments.