The Lazy Programmer’s Guide to Web Scrapers

I am a proud lazy programmer. This means that if I can automate a task, I will absolutely do it. Especially if it means I can avoid doing the same thing more than once. Luckily, as an engineer, my laziness is an asset - because this week, it led me to write an HTML scraper for our Changelog, just so I wouldn’t have to manually update the Changelog feed on our new app homepage (btw, have you seen our new app homepage? It’s pretty sweet).

blue matador

Solving a dying Golang process with Keilan Jackson at Blue Matador

I started the new GuardianDevOps service to share my expertise with other engineers. I was thrilled to find an internal problem to work on as the inaugural session! Only a single day after I decided to start this service, a Blue Matador customer noticed some repetitive alerts from our agent heartbeat. I was excited to join the fray with Keilan, one of our talented engineers, and fix the problem for our customers.


Comparing Kubernetes CNI Providers: Flannel, Calico, Canal, and Weave

Network architecture is one of the more complicated aspects of many Kubernetes installations. The Kubernetes networking model itself demands certain network features but allows for some flexibility regarding the implementation. As a result, various projects have been released to address specific environments and requirements.


Five Best Practices for API Security

With today’s Web, massive data loads are accessed through APIs. In fact, according to, there are now more than 10,000 publicly available APIs. Given the foundational role that APIs now play in today’s infrastructure, keeping APIs secure is absolutely critical. In this article, we explain five best practices that organizations can follow to help ensure API security.


8 ways to achieve agile security

Between 2017 and 2021, worldwide spending on cybersecurity will top $1 trillion, according to predictions from Cybersecurity Ventures. The barrage of cyberattacks on enterprises and new threat vectors within networks due to the move to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or public cloud, makes the need for agile security more important than ever for CIOs and CISOs managing cybersecurity.