5 best practices to deliver trust in your data project: Tip #5 Enforce regulatory compliance with good data

Data regulations require organizations to increase control over their data assets, which in fact can lead to business benefits beyond regulatory compliance. A robust data governance program is pivotal to any data protection or compliance legislation such as CCPA or HIPAA in the US, the Banking Royal Commission in Australia or GDPR in Europe. The traditional data governance disciplines of data ownership, metadata management, data quality management and model governance fully apply.


NEST and Elasticsearch.Net: upgrading your Elasticsearch server and codebase

Picture this, you've spent the last few months working on your company's application, using Elasticsearch and the NEST client quite happily, only to discover that the feature you really need has shipped in Elasticsearch server version 7.3, and you happen to be using server and client version 6.5.


Edge2AI Autonomous Car: Building an Edge to AI data pipeline (2 of 3)

In our previous blog post, we collected data from sensors mounted on our smart vehicle and described a ROS embedded application to prepare the data for training a machine learning (ML) model. This blog showcases the flow of data streaming from the edge to a data lake in the cloud. The data is in the form of images and the metadata associated with each image collected by our self-driving car (e.g., IMU information, steering angle, location).