What the Months Ahead Look Like for Insurance

Insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries are under pressure to adapt to new customer expectations. Insurtechs have made omnichannel digital experiences the norm. And COVID-19 has forced the issue further, on top of necessary operational and claims process changes. Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or something that can fix just one area of an insurance organization.

Cloud-Based AML Services That Will Benefit Midsized Financial Institutions

There is a prevalent misconception that, compared to larger banks, midsized financial institutions are less vulnerable to money laundering and other financial crimes. Given their ubiquity, though, such a conclusion can only be described as hasty at best. In fact, institutions with USD 1 billion to USD 10 billion in assets make up 97 percent of the total number of banks in the United States.

Combating Fraud in Insurance with Data

Well, it is International Fraud Awareness Week, focused on promoting fraud prevention and education. A fantastic initiative! Maybe I am naïve but I feel a bit sad that there is a need for “fraud week”. The insurance industry has a long and intimate relationship with fraud in many different ways. Insurance fraud can take place at a process or business function level, most notably in claims or underwriting.


Re-thinking The Insurance Industry In Real-Time To Cope With Pandemic-scale Disruption

The Insurance industry is in uncharted waters and COVID-19 has taken us where no algorithm has gone before. Today’s models, norms, and averages are being re-written on the fly, with insurers forced to cope with the inevitable conflict between old standards and the new normal.