How NOT to take a side project to startup - Dev Matters S1E03

What side projects make terrible startups? What should you avoid when trying to make the transition? In this episode of Dev Matters, Don and his guest Dylan Etkin discuss side projects and lessons learned taking Sleuth from a side project to a startup. This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience on Twitch.

3D-printed, Sleuth logo UNBOXING

Andy, a regular viewer of Don's dev-focused Twitch streams, created a 3D-printed, 100 LED RGB Sleuth logo, and this is its unboxing. Don and Andy also get it working, connected to the internet, then Don extends his Twitch chat bot to allow viewers to change the logo's lights. The stream finishes with Don hooking the logo up to Twitch follow events so that when a viewer starts following, the logo lights up. This video is a lightly edited from the original Twitch stream. Huge thanks to Andy for building and sharing such a cool project!

Sleuth + SOC 2 Type II: Our constant commitment to security

‍In Sleuth’s continuing efforts to help our customers to deliver faster and safer, we have always put security as a top-level business priority. Security and privacy of our customers’ data is always in the forefront of our design, development, and deployment concerns. We understand the level of trust our customers put in us when they connect key systems together with Sleuth.