Use InfluxDB with GitHub Actions for GitOps, CI/CD, and Data Transformation

GitHub Actions are a powerful way to add automation to any source code repository. When you take that power and connect it with InfluxDB, you get an amazing combination that allows you to automate data generation, manage GitOps workflows, and a whole lot more. This post will highlight some of the interesting ways to use InfluxDB and GitHub Actions.


GitOps meets AppOps

Kubernetes allowed us to manage application deployments and infrastructure components using declarative configuration files (yes, those YAMLs that you may not be a fan of ). While dealing with a myriad of YAML files may be loved by some and hated by others, it enables us to host all these files into a Git repository, hook it up to a pipeline (Jenkins, GitLab, etc.), and have a tool apply those changes to a cluster—and voilà, you have GitOps.


GitOps Feature Release

It’s no secret that the software development community is starting to embrace GitOps. With the complexity of engineering modern software today, it is becoming a necessity for many companies to reassess their software development and delivery practices. When Codefresh first released GitOps 2.0 late last year, we had already planned to make it a core pillar of our platform.


Codefresh GitOps Controller

The new Codefresh GitOps dashboard gives you the perfect overview of your deployments and how they change over time. This powerful view combines information from multiple sources such as your Kubernetes services, Git Pull Requests, and JIRA issues. To help you incorporate all of this helpful information into your deployments, we have introduced the GitOps controller, a handy agent that is installed in your cluster and collects critical information about your GitOps deployments.


GitOps Current State Dashboard

At Codefresh, we are fortunate to hear from customers of all sizes and nearly every industry. A common interest is visibility into deployments and their respective environments. As a company filled with software enthusiasts and developers, this strongly resonates with our culture and our passion for empowering developers. Visibility has been an area of continuous improvement for Codefresh and something we are committed to being the best at.


Codefresh GitOps App of Apps

Microservices are powerful, but it isn’t a secret that they come with many challenges. Codefresh is acutely aware of this as we built our platform on microservices. We know what it means to maintain a fast-moving and complex software service that must remain highly available. One of the most common challenges we deal with is maintaining complex relationships at deployment time among individual microservices.