Loki's Path to GA: Query Optimization, Part One

Launched at KubeCon North America last December, Loki is a Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes storage, search, and aggregation while making logs easy to explore natively in Grafana. Loki is designed to work easily both as microservices and as monoliths, and correlates logs and metrics to save users money. Less than a year later, Loki has almost 6,500 stars on GitHub and is now quickly approaching GA.


Top 3 RapidSpike E-commerce Tools: Part 1 - User Journeys

Performance and security are the lifeblood of an e-commerce website. The moment pages start to slow down, or your customers fear their data may be at risk, is the moment your business starts to fail. This post is the first in a series of three that will explore the key tools every ecommerce site needs running 24/7.


InfluxDB 2 Migration Path: Instrumentation

InfluxDB 2 and our SaaS offering, InfluxDB Cloud 2, are right around the corner. While we’re finalizing the last of our wonderful updates to give you the InfluxDB 2 experience you deserve, we’re going to talk to you about migration paths. This article is part of a series. This installment will cover migrating existing instrumentation in your applications with the InfluxDB 1 client libraries to InfluxDB 2 with NO code changes.


Reduce Toil and Maintain Security With Zenoss Cloud APIs

Managing the infrastructure monitoring system in a large-scale IT environment can be incredibly tedious. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve run into at least one of these issues or something similar. APIs exist because user interfaces can’t do everything, and we’re all very happy that they do! Zenoss Cloud supports two APIs: a JSON API for bulk administration and a streaming data ingest API to allow a wide variety of devices to publish data directly.


Introduction to Error Handling in Angular 7 Using Rollbar

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to errors tracking in Angular 7 using the errorHandler class and Rollbar. This is the last part of the Angular 7 error handling series, you can refer to the first part here, and the second part here. In this series, you have been introduced earlier to handling client side errors and then HTTP errors gracefully in Angular 7 with tools like errorHandlers, Interceptors and even RxJS operators.


Integrate Akamai mPulse real user monitoring with Datadog

Akamai mPulse is a real user monitoring (RUM) service that enables organizations to get deep visibility into end user experience across their websites or applications. With mPulse, businesses can collect high-granularity metrics directly from their users’ browsers, and then analyze that data to pinpoint slow resources (e.g., third-party scripts), track user engagement, and make decisions to improve the performance of their products.