How We Designed Loki to Work Easily Both as Microservices and as Monoliths

In recent years, monoliths have lost favor as microservices increased in popularity. Conventional wisdom says that microservices, and distributed systems in general, are hard to operate: There are often too many dependencies and tunables, multiple moving parts, and operational complexity.


Application search and business analytics at scale with Elastic Cloud Enterprise

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ghost inspector

Ghost Inspector's New WordPress Plugin

Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing tool for continously monitoring websites. Many of those websites run on WordPress. After lots of demand from our users, we've built a plugin to show your Ghost Inspector test results right inside your WordPress admin panel. The plugin enables you to display the latest test results for a single suite on the dashboard of any self-hosted WordPress installation. Keep reading to learn how to install and setup the plugin.

eg innovations

eG Innovations Named as a Top 10 Global Vendor for Continuous Application Performance Management

Continuous application performance management (CAPM) is a key focus area in the enterprise IT segment. With organizations increasing their focus on digital business services, monitoring and managing the application performance becomes paramount. When a digital business service is slow or down, it impacts the business adversely.