Monitoring a VMware vCenter cluster with the Panopta OnSight

We have recently finished updating the so that it can natively integrate with a vCenter cluster, making monitoring a VMware vCenter cluster simple and easy. Now, by providing some basic information to the OnSight, Panopta can discover all the hosts, clusters, datastores, and virtual machines you have running in that environment and immediately begin pulling default metrics for those instances.


Aquicore Seeks to Enhance Their Customers' Competitive Advantage by Improving LEED and ENERGY STAR Recognitions

Aquicore provides their commercial real estate (CRE) customers with a platform that allows them to track, analyze and predict building and energy data. Through their cloud-based solution, Aquicore’s clients have access to their IoT-driven smart asset platform. It’s easy to get started with the product and it helps improve communication between executives, property managers and building engineers.


A complete Logstash pipeline for your Icinga logs

When we hunt down problems in Icinga setups we ask for logs most of the time. While you get used to sifting through logs and collect some bash magic during the process there’s always the wish for this routine to be easier and especially faster. If you get logfiles from several days where each of the nodes produces millions of logfiles per day, every time you start your grep’s over and over get’s you madder and madder. So I started searching for a solution.