Salt Air 34 - An Introduction to SaltStack SecOps

Learn why SaltStack intelligent automation is uniquely designed to help security and IT teams work together to make digital business infrastructure more. SaltStack event-driven automation delivers continuous compliance through policy definition, real-time infrastructure scanning, and automated issue and vulnerability remediation. Check out SaltStack SecOps for automated IT security remediation at scale.

Managing EU VAT with Stripe for a SaaS is not *that* hard

This is a short follow up to last week's story on Stripe Billing as a reader on Hackernews commented that it seemed we didn't handle VAT. We do, but I just left it out of the story. For those not familiar with handling EU VAT for SaaS companies: It's a bit of counter intuitive jungle. At least that's what some dedicated SaaS startups make you believe. Also, Stripe does not handle it at all. They give you a { taxRate: null } field for you to fill.


An Introduction to Monitoring Hybrid Clouds

Containerization is more than just a trendy topic nowadays. With the rise of hybrid cloud environments and the ever-expanding adoption of containers, it’s important to start thinking about how to maintain visibility in these environments. Monitoring hybrid clouds presents many of the same challenges any hybrid environment would, but with the many moving parts that come with containers, there are additional challenges to take on as you begin a transition.