Bring CA Operational Intelligence into your Citrix Monitoring

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is an industry leading solution that enables virtual application and desktop delivery. With its Flex Cast Management Architecture (FMA), it provides a platform for applications & desktops delivery, mobility, services, flexible provisioning, and cloud management.


Use Case #9: Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues

One of the most frustrating service calls you’ll receive is from a client experiencing a network performance issue. The issue could be caused by any number of different things and typically would require you jumping into your car and driving to the client site. The hours drag on while you manually trace wires and test ports to troubleshoot the issue. The longer it takes you to figure it out, the longer you’re interrupting your client’s business.


Understanding RBAC in Sensu Go

Regulating access to resources is a fundamental measure for enterprises to ensure the security and reliability of a system. The last thing you need is a stolen or weak password to give up the keys to the proverbial kingdom. With role-based access control (RBAC), this risk is mitigated by providing only the necessary access so a user in your organization doesn't have more access than needed.


Grafana Plugin Tutorial: Polystat Panel (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, the end result was a set of polygons that represented each Cassandra node in a Kubernetes statefulset. The cAdvisor-based metrics CPU/Memory/Disk utilization are scraped by Prometheus. This second tutorial will focus on a rollup of multiple Cassandra clusters running inside Kubernetes. We will end up with three dashboards tied together to provide an overview of our Cassandra clusters.

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Kubernetes on AWS: EKS vs Kops

There are three popular methods for running Kubernetes on AWS: manually set up everything on EC2 instances, use Kops to manage your cluster, or use Amazon EKS to manage your cluster. Managing a Kubernetes cluster on AWS without any tooling is a complicated process that is not recommended for most administrators, so we will focus on using EKS or Kops. In this blog post, we compare cluster setup, management, and security features for both Kops and EKS to determine which solution you should use.


Analysing Linux auditd anomalies with Auditbeat and machine learning

Auditbeat is an extremely popular Beat that allows you to collect Linux audit framework data to monitor processes running on Linux systems. It has the ability to stream a multitude of information — from security-related system information, to file integrity data, to process information — from the Linux auditd framework.


User annotations for Elastic machine learning

User annotations are a new machine learning feature in Elasticsearch available from 6.6 onwards. They provide a way to augment your machine learning jobs with descriptive domain knowledge. When you run a machine learning job, its algorithm is trying to find anomalies — but it doesn’t know what the data itself is about. The job wouldn't know, for example, whether it was dealing with CPU usage or network throughput.