How To Test & Monitor Azure AD Uptime & Performance

Microsoft Windows Azure Active Directory (Azure AD or AAD) is a cloud service that provides administrators with the ability to manage end-user identities and access privileges. When you use Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or Intune you are indirectly interacting with AAD which they use to manage all of their identities, authentication and permissions.


What you gonna do when failures come for you?

Failures – same story over and over again We’re all aware of the fact that everything fails from time to time. No matter what type of failure we have to deal with, its aftermath is generally a pain in the ass. This is especially true for distributed microservice ecosystem when particular request has to cross multiple bounded contexts (microservice with their independent databases).


Loki's Path to GA: Query Optimization, Part Three

Launched at KubeCon North America last December, Loki is a Prometheus-inspired service that optimizes storage, search, and aggregation while making logs easy to explore natively in Grafana. Loki is designed to work easily both as microservices and as monoliths, and correlates logs and metrics to save users money. Less than a year later, Loki has almost 6,500 stars on GitHub and is now quickly approaching GA.

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Achieve Faster Time To Value with New Cluster Management Console in DX APM

Today’s APM solutions often require a vast amount of time and effort to implement – especially for enterprise companies who are monitoring a large number of applications. As businesses are focused on digital transformation, traditional solutions have become a bottleneck by slowing down the on-boarding process, making it difficult to scale-out while creating a lot of administrative overhead.


Know Your Logs: IIS vs. Apache vs. NGINX Logs

Today’s web server ecosystem has three big players: IIS, Apache and NGINX. Although only two of them (Apache and, to a lesser extent, NGINX) are cross-platform, it’s increasingly important to be able to work with all three of these servers, because you never know which type of operating system and web server platform you’ll be asked to support. That’s why understanding the nuances of IIS, Apache and NGINX logs is important.


IT Operations in 2020: Five Things to Prepare for - From AIOps to Multi-cloud and More

The following first appeared in Cloud Tech News. The threat of digital disruption has forced senior executives and technology leaders to rethink business models, data assets, and distribution channels, in order to create innovative products and services that will delight customers and overcome nimbler competitors. Over the last decade, enterprises have completely transformed the way they build, deploy, manage, and maintain mission-critical services as a response to increasing digitization.

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The Evolving Needs of Application Performance Monitoring

“Change is the only constant in life.” This is a quote often attributed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. In the world of application performance monitoring, you know this to be true. Things are always changing. New technologies force you to come up with new ways and processes for doing things. And new challenges force you to develop new methods of solving old problems. Performance monitoring is an old problem.