Managing Centralized Data with Graylog

Central storage is vitally important in log management. Just as storing and processing logs into lumber is done in one place, a sawmill, a central repository makes it cheaper and more efficient to process event logs in one location. Moving between multiple locations to process logs can decrease performance. To continue the analogy, once boards are cut at a sawmill, a tool such as a wood jointer smoothes out the rough edges of the boards and readies them for use in making beautiful things.


Icinga Monthly Snap May: OSMC 2018 CfP, product updates & user stories

Icinga turned 9 in May, we’re kicking off our 10th year of spreading the #icingalove. ❤ OSMC 2018 Call for Papers is officially open and we are looking forward to hear your Icinga stories this year. Did you dive through distributed setups, automated everything and combined the metrics of many tools into your stack? That’s a hell of a ride, and other community members will certainly listen and learn from your expertise.


LightStep and OpsGenie Partner to Improve Application Performance and Incident Management

Microservices-based architectures enable software teams to deliver innovations and value to their customers faster. Microservices are often owned by individual engineering teams that are solely responsible for everything from development to deployment. This autonomy reduces cross-team dependencies, but it also often means each development team is solely accountable for the ongoing performance of their own services in production.


SignalFx Real-Time Monitoring for Microsoft Azure Functions

We have seen interest and adoption of serverless architectures pick up immensely since we released our first function monitoring capabilities for AWS Lambda. Our customers have taken advantage of the unique ability to monitor Lambda functions in 1-second real-time with SignalFx. We are excited to extend the same analytics capabilities to our Microsoft Azure customers so they too can monitor their functions in real-time.

Why APIs are products, not one-off projects (webcast)

Leading companies have stopped thinking of APIs as special projects with limited extensibility. APIs are now seen as strategic products for developers, with full lifecycles and long-term roadmaps that evolve to meet business needs. Learn why APIs are a hot topic not only in IT conversations, but also in the executive board room.
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What is Garbage Collection in Java and Why is it Important?

For many, the world of Java is shrouded in mystery and endeavor. One such endeavor is garbage collection. There is many a viewpoint on garbage collection – whether it is good or bad, when is it needed, how often should it run, how to tune garbage collection operation, how to know when it is not operating as expected, and so on. In this educational post, we will try to clear the air on Java garbage collection and make it easy for developers and administrators to deal with it.