Operationalizing ThousandEyes Using RingCentral Glip

What to do with an operations alert can sometimes be a daunting task. Some of our customers opt to get started with email alerts, the easiest and quickest way to consume alerts. But with email alerting, if not granularly customized, can often result in email fatigue. On the other hand, some customers will put significant investment in ingesting alerts and integrating test data into their correlation engines using webhooks or the ThousandEyes API.


NiCE Oracle Management Pack 5.00

Oracle database availability and performance is key. Gain insight into what happens within your Oracle environment. Using the NiCE Oracle Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM, advanced monitoring has never been easier. The NiCE Oracle Management Pack smart algorithm determines problems and their severity way upfront. Leverage your existing investment, reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies that will last beyond your expectations.


Track the status of your SLOs with the new monitor uptime and SLO widget

Service level objectives are an important tool for maintaining application performance, ensuring a consistent customer experience, and setting expectations about service performance for both internal and external users. We are very pleased to announce the availability of a new monitor uptime and SLO widget that makes it simple to monitor the status of your SLOs and communicate that status to your teams, executives, or external customers.


User experience monitoring with Datadog browser tests

Datadog’s new automated browser tests enable you to automate your user experience monitoring and ensure that your users can complete actions like signing up for a new account or adding items to a cart. Anyone on your team can record and automate multistep browser tests in minutes. Once you create a test, Datadog uses machine learning to detect changes to your application and automatically update your tests accordingly.


Correlate request logs with traces automatically

When your users are encountering errors or high latency in your application, drilling down to view the logs from a problematic request can reveal exactly what went wrong. By pulling together all the logs pertaining to a given request, you can see in rich detail how it was handled from beginning to end so you can quickly diagnose the issue.

api fortress

API Fortress for Mulesoft Customers

Test your Mule APIs with API Fortress to reduce risk during digital transformation, while also accelerating delivery times. Mulesoft has long been recognized as a leader in API service integration. Enterprises choose Mulesoft to connect and orchestrate legacy systems, cloud services, and APIs on a single platform. API Fortress is an official Mulesoft partner, and provides Mule customers with a complete testing suite to guarantee APIs are delivered as designed and without bugs.


Breaking Down the Barrier Between Employees and IT

In the traditional enterprise architecture, IT departments are far removed from employees and often even viewed as a secluded area of the business. Sure, IT would come help you relatively quickly if your computer wasn’t working or an application kept crashing, but for the most part, the IT employees kept to themselves, working hard to keep the network up and running and ready to put out the occasional fire when called upon.

goliath technologies

Why Is Troubleshooting “Citrix is Slow” So Hard?

“Citrix is slow” is one of the most common complaints Citrix admins hear on a daily basis. Somewhat ironically, Citrix itself is rarely the problem and the actual cause of the Citrix slow performance issues lies elsewhere. This can make troubleshooting “Citrix is slow” issues extraordinarily difficult to do. The primary reason why troubleshooting Citrix slow performance issues tends to be so difficult is that Citrix deployments often contain a complex web of interwoven dependencies.

eg innovations

7 Secrets to Becoming a Citrix Hero: A Must-Watch Webinar For Citrix Pros

Things don’t always go right. And when things do go astray, you need to save the day. Especially in a Citrix digital workspace environment, there are too many things that could go wrong and affect application/desktop session access. When your end users are in peril, you – the Citrix admin, engineer, architect, consultant – need to become a superhero and save them: Diagnose the cause of issues they are facing and triage them to ensure seamless and uninterrupted connectivity.