It’s About Time: Business Insights with Calendar Window Analytics

Ever wish you could monitor the total number of widgets produced by your service since the actual beginning of the day in New York, rather than interpret a sum calculated over, say, the last 10 or 24 hours? What about a real-world view of the SLA for a service you manage, showing the maximum latency reported for closed months and quarters, with the results neatly plotted at the ends of those months and quarters?


MyRacePass Goes Full Throttle With Retrace

Like many of our client successes, this one also starts in a basement. Three friends: Zach Calmus, Ross Van Eck, and Josh Holt came together over a love for motorsports and a passion for technology. A few years later, what had become one of the fastest growing motorsports web development companies had grown into the MyRacePass, a platform that would put the entire motorsports industry on a path of acceleration.


Enhanced IOpipe Observability: Reducing Overhead with CloudWatch Logs

At IOpipe, we’re excited to announce an enhancement to our serverless logging feature: Integration with AWS CloudWatch Logs. With a click of a button, you can now enable a new AWS integration on your IOpipe dashboard that will instantly unlock access to your CloudWatch logs for each and every AWS Lambda invocation you observe and monitor with IOpipe.


AIOps-Fueled Digital Experiences: What it Takes to Win the RACE

Across industries and markets, your competitors are in a race to deliver innovative, consistently optimized digital experiences. Increasingly, this is the race that will separate the market victors from the rest. While optimizing service levels is critical in this endeavor, it’s to be getting more challenging to do every day.


Developing in the Cloud: the no-bullshit microservices dev guide (part 4)

Welcome to the brave new world of developing in the cloud! You’ve heard all about the technical ins-and-outs of setting up a cloud-based microservices development environment and have decided to give it a whirl. Now you need to stock your toolbox with solutions that let you understand what your code is doing, so you know when something’s going wrong and can get accurate feedback as to what it is and how to fix it.


Releasing Icinga Reporting for Early Adopters

We’re happy to announce that we released an early version of Icinga Reporting today! With this release we create the foundation for an overall reporting functionality for Icinga by introducing a new way to work with collected data. At the same time we are also publishing the first use case of Icinga Reporting which enables you to calculate, display and export SLA reports for your hosts and services.