Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: get ready

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 event is coming quick, and the predictions are that the now week-long event will be the biggest yet with over $136 billion in sales. E-commerce websites like Amazon and Walmart have been ramping-up for Black Friday for months, but what do you need to do to prepare for the potential rush on your site?


What's next for monitoring Kubernetes

At Datadog, we rely heavily on Kubernetes, and we’re facing some interesting challenges as we use Kubernetes to scale further and strive for greater efficiency. To address these challenges, we’ve been working on solutions to help us better control how our clusters scale, and to make it easier to deploy and manage the Datadog Agent. Today, we’re open sourcing these solutions to share them with the rest of the Kubernetes community.


OneDrive and SharePoint Monitoring: No Credentials Required

Exoprise recently added support for monitoring OneDrive and SharePoint using OAuth credentials in addition to full experience monitoring via headless browsers. Now, with full support for OAuth and the Microsoft Graph API, you can choose whether you want to monitor the real browser-based experience and performance or if you don’t want to share credentials and just want to monitor via the Graph API.


Alcide Integrates with Datadog to Enable Easy Kubernetes Audit Logs Monitoring and Investigation

Announcing Alcide new integration with Datadog, the leading monitoring platform. Users will now get insights and alerts from Alcide kAudit in real-time in order to detect Kubernetes compliance violations, security incidents, and administration activity anomalies directly from the Datadog platform.


Monitoring AWS with Telegraf & InfluxDB Cloud

Recently I’ve been playing with InfluxDB Cloud and Telegraf for synthetic monitoring of Amazon Web Services API endpoints, and thought I’d share my configuration notes. InfluxDB is an open-source time series database, and Telegraf is a software agent for sending time-series data to InfluxDB. Telegraf has hundreds of plugins to collect different types of time series data.


How to Test Signup Forms With Synthetic Monitoring

A signup form has a ton of moving parts we often take for granted. There’s the form itself, and the database attached to that form that stores user data. Other databases may need to sync with the form, such as marketing drip emails or coupons. There’s often a thank you page with analytics attached to track goals, that may be gated behind an account. Any of these parts could break and our form might appear to function fine at first glance.