Increased Test Credits for Everyone

After learning more about how our users use test credits to diagnose and troubleshoot network issues, we realized that we needed to make credits more affordable so we significantly increased the number of credits included with each credit package. See the new options below. We hope this change allows you to continue running cost effective network tests.


Browser market share 2018: Safari on the rise

Our Real User Monitoring (RUM) product gathers performance data from actual user experiences from all around the globe for enabled pages. For 2018 that meant we collected data from thousands of worldwide users. In this blog, we take a look at the users’ browser choices, the page performance as experienced by the users, and their choices in device types.


Stop managing infrastructure and start delivering end-to-end IT services. The OpsRamp platform is your digital operations command center – bringing the right operational insights across multiple services, platforms and point tools for a holistic view.

AWS ECU vs vCPU—Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve deployed an application or service to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, you’ve probably made use of an EC2 instance. One of the decisions that you had to make before you could start a new instance, was which instance type to use. Choosing an EC2 instance type can be a complicated process. AWS organizes their instance types into instance families, and within an instance family, there are varying sizes from micro to 32xlarge.