6 Ways Retailers Can Maximise Value With Creative Engineers

“Engineering” and “creativity” aren’t often considered synonymous. However, in today’s world, where the online experience is at the forefront of virtually all business transactions and experiences, the creative engineer is finally getting the recognition they deserve. These individuals are quite literally building the virtual world we live in.


The hottest CX trends for retailers are anything but trendy

In 2020, tens of thousands of retail professionals descended as usual on the Javits Center in New York City for the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Barely a year later, the annual conference was entirely virtual, your parents knew what “Zoom fatigue” was, and the Javits was a Covid-19 vaccination center.

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What our attack surface study says about top retail applications

Retail and ecommerce web applications are big targets for hackers. Attack surface assessment is important to help build a complete risk profile of web applications and combat opportunistic hackers looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Here’s how the biggest online retailers fare against the most common application attack vectors


5 virtual experience trends in retail and commerce in 2021

Virtual experiences have been booming in retail and e-commerce. And it’s no wonder. VR and AR offer a ton of benefits to companies that sell products online, or use online channels to divert traffic to stores or sales professionals. These experiences can increase conversions, boost word-of-mouth traffic, and lower return rates. Want to see some examples?


Retailers find flexible demand forecasting models in BigQuery ML

Retail businesses understand the value of demand forecasting—using their intuition, product and market experience, and seasonal patterns and cycles to plan for future demand. Beyond the need for forecasts that are as accurate as possible, modern retailers also face the challenge of being able to perform demand planning at scale.


5 tools for strengthening the online retail experience

The top brands in the world strive to deliver more of what their customers want in the most convenient and delightful way possible. L’Oreal is relaunching 600 of their 3,000 different websites in just 3 years to impress their customers with a more personalized shopping experience, including AI-powered shopping assistants and color-matching. In this post, we introduce you to the tools that top retail brands are using to meet their digital experience objectives.


Leaving 2020 Behind, What's the Role of Retail Stores in the Data Age?

From store shutdown to temporary closure and limited occupancy for non-essential retail businesses, 2020 was filled with many disappointments. America’s stores were in rough shape even before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has significantly compounded the challenging retail landscape, leaving behind businesses that could not adapt to the abrupt change in the operating environment.

Tripwire Retail Security 2020 Survey: Key Findings

As online sales surge, retail cybersecurity professionals are taking additional precautions to protect their organizations and their customers’ data. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven even more consumers to turn to online shopping. Tripwire worked with Dimensional Research to better understand cybersecurity programs in the retail industry as they prepared for the holiday season.