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DevOps Loop Recap: A Day Filled with Glorious Purpose

DevOps Loop at VMworld, a new community event launched this year, set out to examine DevOps and its core principles in the context of modern apps, multi-cloud, and Kubernetes. We pulled in all the experts—those folks on the ground living and breathing DevOps—to share their viewpoints. And the day was AWESOME. All the sessions are available to view (or view again) on demand. I’m always surprised by how much I miss on the first pass.

The History of CI/CD

When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. This is especially true with DevOps, a fairly young corner of tech where things move very quickly, by design. Some of the concepts we consider central to DevOps are actually pretty old, though, predating the birth of DevOps by a decade or more. Without this context for how things evolved, and for the specific ways in which software development was more difficult without the methodologies and toolsets we have today, grasping the "why" for modern abstractions can be difficult. Without understanding the "why," learning to use a new tool well isn’t as easy as it could be.
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How Rapid Iteration with GraphQL Helped Reenvision a Government Payments Platform

When embarking on digital transformation, success often comes down to using the right tools for the job. Emerging technologies have the ability to enable organizations to deliver better customer experiences more efficiently. This truism can serve as a forcing function for engineering teams to routinely reevaluate their tech choices and make sure they aren't missing out on a better solution.

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Introducing VMware Tanzu Community Edition: Simple, Turnkey Access to the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Ecosystem

Open source is the foundation on which Tanzu stands, and we take inspiration not only from the engineering community, but also from the end-user community that has taken an upstream-first approach to deploy cloud native technologies in production. As with many things Kubernetes-centric, it is still quite challenging to operationalize a pure, clean, open source–only, upstream-aligned platform for enterprise use. We are looking to change that with VMware Tanzu Community Edition.

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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Now Supports GPUs Across Clouds

While AI workloads are becoming more pervasive, challenges with deploying AI have slowed adoption. Blockers like data complexity, data silos, and lack of infrastructure contribute to the difficulty of deploying AI workloads, and to address these issues, organizations need an integrated, scalable, and high-performing solution.