Forging a truly data-driven organization

In a 2020 study performed by Nature Research, 70 different teams of neuroimaging experts were asked to test nine hypotheses by looking at the same MRI data set. You may not be surprised to learn that these teams reached a wide range of different conclusions, in part because no two teams chose identical workflows to analyze the data. With seventy teams, there were 70 different workflows.


New Snowflake Features Released in January 2021

Snowflake continued expanding its platform capabilities at the start of the new year, adding updates to data sharing, Snowsight, and data pipelines that help customers and partners access, mobilize, and share their data for better data-driven outcomes. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the exciting announcements from January 2021.


How Emirates And Allianz Benelux Are Transforming Customer Service With The Data Cloud

Snowflake met with Jan Doumen, Head of Expertise for Allianz Benelux, and Naveed Memon, Program Director, Data and Analytics for Emirates, at Data Cloud Summit 2020. Read excerpts from the conversation to learn how capturing data insights in the Data Cloud brings value to their businesses. Data’s value in the 21st century is often compared to oil’s value in the 18th century. It can transform organizations, opening doors to unprecedented opportunities.

Stephanie Stillman Talks About Data Sharing And The Data Marketplace | Behind the Data Cloud

Today on Behind The Data Cloud, Daniel Meyers interviews Snowflake Product Manager Stephanie Stillman and they talk about how she entered the data industry, data sharing, and the data marketplace. Behind the Data Cloud is a builder-focused video series.

Joining the Data Cloud

Join executives from Allianz Benelux and Emirates to hear why their organizations are joining the Data Cloud. The Data Cloud is transforming companies across financial services, transportation, and other industries. As leaders develop strategies to support the next 3–5 years of innovation, the Data Cloud is becoming a critical enabler for the success of their enterprises. Learn how these companies are seizing the opportunity with Snowflake, and see the broader impact Snowflake’s cloud data platform is having on their organizations.

Snowflake, the Swiss Army Knife of Data for inReality

inReality provides an analytics platform that leverages IoT sensor data (for example, visual technologies) to bring operational excellence and exceptional customer experiences to all types of venues. The company’s clients range from public schools to major telecommunication companies with the goal being to make their spaces more secure and efficient, to solve problems, and to create better experiences for their patrons.


5 Lessons We Learned Validating Security Controls at Snowflake

You may have read about Snowflake’s IPO last year. But you probably didn’t hear about all the work that the Snowflake security team did in preparation. Our corporate security program went through a security analytics review to ensure that it satisfied the new security policy requirements resulting from the IPO. Here are a few lessons that we learned when setting up automated security control validation on our Snowflake security data lake.


Masking Semi-Structured Data with Snowflake

Snowflake recently launched dynamic data masking, an incredibly useful feature for companies and data-centric organizations that have strict security data governance requirements. This article demonstrates how we implemented data masking at Snowflake by introducing a data masking policy on a VARIANT data type field that holds data in JSON format. We implemented the policy on top of tables and views.