Redivis makes research data accessible, experiences collaborative with BigQuery

Understanding the data we collect is essential—it allows us to identify trends and uncover answers about our world. However, stories in our data frequently go untold. Large datasets are hard to share between research communities due to their size, security restraints, and complexity. Even if these datasets are accessible to users, the tools needed to query them often require deep technical knowledge.


Proactive IT & The Future of Higher Education

Higher education is one of the many sectors facing the prospect of profound reorientation in the post-COVID-19 world. Following the government’s re-evaluation of approach, which saw students awarded predicted grades at A-level, many university leaders are concerned that taking on the extra, successful students would mean a stretch to resources – especially with social distancing and remote learning requirements needed to manage the spread of the virus.


Making Security Proactive at Fitchburg State University

From time-to-time on this blog we like to take a moment to connect with those folks on the front lines of the cybersecurity battle, to give you a direct look into the issues they’re facing every day. Today, we sat down (virtually) with Sherry Horeanopoulos, the Information Security Officer at Fitchburg State University.


Everything you need to know about DPO for schools

As legislation goes, the GDPR could be unique in its insistence that a new professional role, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), be created to ensure its mandates are properly met. But getting a DPO in place is no simple recruitment exercise, and that’s especially true for schools. For starters, people with the requisite mix of abilities and experience to do the job in educational environments are hard to find.


Tips for teachers: using an online whiteboard for remote classes

In March 2020, I had to transition four business classes with over 150 students to a fully online experience, due to COVID-19. Since the class simulates a business environment, I knew I could interact with my students the same way I interact with remote corporate teams, through clear and timely communication. In this post, I’ll go over what worked for me, and give some tips for how you can set your own classes up for success in a remote environment.


Best Planning Tools for Students

Whether you’re a freshman just getting started in student life, or a senior preparing to enter the workforce in a few months, it’s never too early to begin honing your time-management skills. Trust us, as a team who frequently hires new software developers right out of school, having a foundational understanding of project management can go a long way.


College Improves Security Posture with Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

With back to school upon us for universities, colleges and K-12, and unprecedented IT challenges, today we feature one college Cygilant has helped overcome its cybersecurity challenges with Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service. Colleges and universities are in a unique situation – they handle some of the most critical data on their networks every day: financial data, healthcare information and research.


4 Steps to Ensuring Efficient Cybersecurity Monitoring in US Educational Institutions

Education is a strictly regulated industry in which robust cybersecurity protection is a must. Data breaches can cost a fortune for schools and universities, since the loss of students’ personal information and other critical data brings reputational damage alongside fines for regulatory non-compliance. In the US in 2019 there were 348 publicly disclosed K-12 school-related cybersecurity incidents — triple the number in 2018.


Deliver a great learning experience with AI-driven analytics

Digital education has become a necessity in these times more than a convenience. With greater flexibility and personalization, EdTech apps are attracting both students and working professionals alike. An immersive and personalized learning experience is critical to the success of any EdTech app. Education is no longer a one-sided delivery of content or information. Companies, today are trying to build experiences around the content to make it more consumable and engaging.


New Redscan FOI report reveals the state of cyber security across UK universities

In March 2020, Redscan sent Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to 134 universities across the UK. The aim was to understand more about the frequency of data breaches in the sector and some of the steps institutions are taking to prevent them. The focus on universities was due to the integral role these organisations play in conducting world-changing research and shaping the skills and knowledge of the workforce. The results of the FOI request are available to download in a short report.