Deliver a great learning experience with AI-driven analytics

Digital education has become a necessity in these times more than a convenience. With greater flexibility and personalization, EdTech apps are attracting both students and working professionals alike. An immersive and personalized learning experience is critical to the success of any EdTech app. Education is no longer a one-sided delivery of content or information. Companies, today are trying to build experiences around the content to make it more consumable and engaging.


The benefits of cloud education in pandemic times

Our new Elastic for Students and Educator program provides online resources and support to help you teach and learn no matter where you are. Hear from Luis Francisco Sánchez Merchante, an educator based in Spain, as he reflects on the challenges he’s faced while teaching during a global pandemic.


Teaching kids skills to catch hackers and fix security risks at Cyber Discover

We are now living in an era where kids are growing up with the internet every day. Those of us who are older learned how to be more skeptical of technology, but our children largely aren’t growing up with this same level of skepticism. Today, over 60% of children are using the internet for over forty hours a week. Many of these children are taking cybersecurity for granted because they simply aren’t aware of many of the digital security risks that come with online use.


5 ways modern log management helps reduce higher education budgets

Higher Education institutions are kept under constant pressure to perform the same tasks with lower budgets and in less time. IT administrators are faced with tools that do not meet their current needs — much less their future needs. As their institutions continue to undergo digital transformations, adding cloud hosting and connecting with students and staff who are off campus becomes a top priority.


How To Make networks and data more resilient and secure in higher education

Higher education settings provide a unique challenge to anyone with an interest in the security and performance of a school’s network or the insights that can be gained from its data. These schools generate data in volumes that rival enterprise businesses and face unparalleled cybersecurity risks because their user-base brings its own devices and turns over completely in a few short years.


Cybersecurity in education: Securing schools as they transition to online learning

Whether they were prepared for it or not, schools around the world have been forced to adopt an online learning model for students thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest concerns educators need to have in this situation is exactly how to create a fully secure remote learning environment in order to keep sensitive information for both the schools and individual students safe from hackers.


Humio in Higher Education

As data loads increase, higher education organizations are discovering that their current log management tools are inadequate to meet their growth needs. As log volumes grow, so does financial pressure on security teams who want to log everything in their system. Oftentimes the result is leaders choosing to limit which logs they capture, sacrificing the ability to see all events in their system, and also their ability to search historical data and find the answer to novel questions.


Top 6 Log Management Use Cases for Higher Education

Higher education institutions present a significant monitoring and security challenge with distributed hybrid environments, bring-your-own-device policies, and layers of different types and generations of software. Modern, high performant log management provides a solution for the security concerns of IT workers in these complex settings. Gartner shares insight into how to think about using log management.