How embedded education is disrupting fintech

You’ve probably heard before that the best thing to do with your extra money is to invest. And the stock market was built so that any average person could do just that. In fact, the New York Stock Exchange was originally just a group of merchants who met in person daily to buy and sell stocks and bonds. Over time, however, regulations were put in place that limited the type of people allowed to take part in the financial markets.

The Kids are Connected: Ensuring Connectivity in Education Networks

Connectivity is more important than ever to support our education system. BYOD, remote classes, Wi-Fi, and a variety of digital learning solutions are now just part of the equation. Education IT teams have a big task: making sure educational service delivery remains uninterrupted while balancing the constraints of limited budgets, staff, and time to support digital transformation that can keep up with modern demands.

Education Project Management Software (Guide)

Education project management software can transform learning experiences. Before the use of software, educational teams collaborated in meetings rooms and teacher lounges, and student reports were sent home to parents in crisp brown envelopes. Those days are gone. Times are changing and educators now have a wide range of digital collaboration tools to choose from.

The Service Desk and Parenthood's Shared Classroom

This past April, my husband and I took on our most exciting and daunting chapter yet: parenthood. Despite the chaos around us, we made the most of our pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed sifting through baby clothes, putting together his nursery, choosing a name...the works. When it came time to bring our little guy home, I thought we had relatively grounded expectations for what our lives would look like as a family of three.

How is Cloud Adoption Changing Public School Education?

As the past year has shown, cloud computing has proved a vital service for K–12 public schools. It’s enabled online learning during a time of critical need, and the schools who have embraced cloud adoption have thrived and will continue to do so. Let’s look at the ways the cloud is changing public school education today—and some of the common bumps administrators and IT teams should avoid along the way.

Discover Everbridge Digital Wayfinding for Higher Education

Creating a positive visitor experience is a key component of the administrative health of a school. Despite advances in technology, campus visits have remained mostly formulaic. Digital Wayfinding takes mobile mapping technology the public is used to and applies it to your school, creating an easy-to-use, attractive, interactive tool for your visitors.

Overcoming data challenges for state and local government and education with Elastic

With the surge of endpoints and growing demands for access to data, public sector organizations have seen an increase in security threats since the onset of the pandemic. Against this backdrop, Elastic gathered industry leaders to learn how to manage these challenges and demands and build a path toward the future. The recent State and Local Government & Education ElasticON Public Sector event showcased the tech solutions that are delivering for constituents, faster.

The State of EdTech 2021: Education Software Usage Analyzed

Today we will share our list of the most popular software tools used by education institutions. Why is this important? If you are managing technology in education you need to make the best choice from among many available tools. Discovering the most popular tools used by other education professionals can help you make an informed choice. After reading the report you’ll know which tools are relied upon by primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in the United States.

Modern log management for modern higher education

As the pandemic of 2020 led educators to develop systems to support remote learning, higher learning institutions also had to secure and monitor their new systems. The growing number of networks, applications, servers, and endpoints led to higher volumes of data. The remote nature and increased complexity of these technologies is making achieving security and observability far more difficult for IT teams. At the same time, higher education budgets have been impacted by the pandemic.