New integration with Uber for Business gets employees safely moving again

I miss being in a car. I really miss having someplace to go! But I’m also glad that when it’s safe to go back to our offices, I’ll have the option of commuting with Uber for Business, right from my ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite. We launched the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite two months ago. It includes apps that help companies prepare for and facilitate a safe and effective return to their respective workplaces.


Scoro x Expensify: Automated Expense Management Made Easy

We’re often asked how Scoro differs from other business management software. Although there are many excellent features our clients always talk about, such as customizable dashboards and automated reports, it’s not about any one feature. Scoro’s biggest value is the complete solution that brings together all our features – empowering businesses to manage their entire workflow in one place.