PagerDuty and Teleport: System access and role escalation when you need it

You may know that PagerDuty has over 600 integrations that add a wide variety of functionality to the core platform and workflows. Some integrations provide upstream data sources like metrics and monitoring. Some are for downstream capabilities like reporting. And some interesting integrations help you in the moment when you are responding to an incident. Teleport provides secure access to applications, cloud infrastructure, databases, and Kubernetes environments without getting in your way.


New integrations: Amazon EventBridge, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Zammad, Splunk, and More

Our ecosystem continues to grow: we have added 10 new integrations within the last months. Integrations are the bridge between alert sources and on-call teams and have always been a top priority at iLert. They are one of the reasons why iLert is so easy to adopt for small and large companies alike.

PagerDuty Integration Spotlight: Buildkite

PagerDuty’s Change Events are a powerful way to collect information from your service ecosystem. To maintain velocity as your application deployments scale, every second counts. Integrating Buildkite with PagerDuty ensures you have all the information you need, when you need it. After you install the integration from the PagerDuty Service Directory, you’ll be able to configure your #Buildkite pipelines to send change events to your services whenever a build completes, pass or fail.

5 Essential APIs for Application Integration

Trying to determine what applications your organization needs? The application integration question can be a challenging exercise. According to Harvard Business Review, 52% of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 have ceased to exist because of digital disruption. Their lack of innovation proved one key point: companies must be agile and quick enough to implement new technologies if they wish to remain competitive. APIs enable companies to build robust applications using a variety of integrations.


The Pros and Cons of Application Software Integration

Gartner predicts that by 2023, organizations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics. According to Debra Logan, Gartner’s Research Vice President, “Data sharing is the way to optimize higher quality data and more robust data and analytics to solve business challenges and goals.” Given these numbers, it is clear that businesses will need to embrace application software integration as a core business strategy.