A Gem of an Update: Performance Monitoring for Ruby

In order to continuously improve your Ruby application, you need to understand everything your code touches. That means visibility into how your frontend responds to the database queries that are central to your Ruby application. Sentry’s new Ruby SDK collects and monitors the data surrounding your traces, logs, and key metrics. With it, you now have the context to connect backend issues to frontend performance.


Why Growth Marketers Need Marketing Analytics Automation

Growth marketers are responsible for attracting sales leads to fuel their company’s business. There are many tactics for recruiting prospects including: paid media, organic media, events, content marketing and more. These efforts drive awareness and start prospects down the sales conversion funnel. Growth marketers deploy outreach and lead generation efforts spread across dozens if not hundreds of channels.


An Email Marketing Campaign that Drives API Integration

One of the most effective marketing strategies is to send emails based on the behavior of the recipient. By triggering on how your customers interact with your product, you’re able to share content that’s actually aligned with what they’re doing and thus more likely to resonate. By using automated email workflows it’s possible to share über-relevant content at scale with large cohorts of customers.