achieves ISO 27001 Certification

We are excited to announce that we have achieved the internationally recognized standard ISO 27001 certification. Achieving the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that has met rigorous international standards in information security and confirms that its products, services and business operations meet the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

Webinar replay: Getting ISO 27001 certification as a SaaS scale-up

Getting ISO 27001 certification is quite a process, so why should SaaS companies do it? ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark for the effective management of information assets. It increases the reliability and security of your SaaS product, improves customer and business partner confidence. Watch the replay of the joint webinar between and Detectify to get actionable insights about ISO 27001 certification.

Webinar replay: Design and document the perfect API

Publishing an API is crucial for your SaaS growth! Here is a replay of a joint webinar between and ReadMe, and learn how to design and document great API. At, we often receive the question – “What is a good API”? We have been working with more than 500 APIs and we have compiled a top 10 of common mistakes and pitfalls regarding all aspects of a SaaS API.

Integration use case: sync call transcriptions

Communication technology, as well as CRM platforms, Applicant Tracking Systems, Helpdesk platforms, and other cloud tools are no longer stand-alone software. Users are asking for seamlessly integrated solutions. Previously, we wrote about the future of UCaaS, where we looked in detail into an integrated caller journey, and we talked about the rapid evolution of integrations for VoIP and UCaaS platforms.

The future of phone SaaS and UCaaS: cloud integrations

Telephony and communication services have dramatically changed over the last couple of years, and the pace of change seems to increase even more. These days, communication technology is no longer a stand-alone product. Instead, enterprises want to integrate their communication channels with their sales and marketing processes, their customer support platforms and other departments in the company.

The Ultimate API Checklist for SaaS companies

SaaS companies should adopt an API-first strategy since API’s are the cornerstone of integrations, ecosystems, and partnerships. Integrations are not only essential for SaaS survival, but they also open up new use cases, reduce churn and bring added value to your platform. Publishing an API is crucial for SaaS growth, however bad API design can damage your SaaS platform reputation.