Maximize Card Profitability and Sleigh Payment Fraud Attacks with Transaction Intelligence

It’s a busy season for card issuers, card networks and payment service providers. Transaction and purchase volumes are rising across mobile and online channels — with Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-commerce sales up 15% from last year. Despite this holiday season’s resilient e-commerce sales, organizations must continue to find ways to maximize transactions and card profitability in the face of reduced in-store purchase volumes, interest margins, fees and interchange revenues.


Peace out this holiday season by securing every transaction against card-not-present fraud

We are about to enter the most wonderful time of the year. As consumers increasingly turn towards online and mobile commerce, are you confident in your card-not-present fraud detection capabilities? 2020 has been a year of great surprise and change. While the global health pandemic has changed how we physically interact with each other, it has also revolutionized how we shop.


INETCO Recognized as a Leader in Payment Fraud Detection Solutions by Welp Magazine

Fraud is something that occurs every day across a variety of industries, causing trillions in losses each year. Hardest hit are the financial services and banking industries. In a recent article, Welp Magazine shared its top 13 picks for the best fraud detection startups. INETCO was extremely happy to be featured as a part of this list – selected for its innovative product and exceptional growth strategy.

The Need for Data Speed: The secret to how E Global secures the end-to-end customer experience

Interested in exploring how Mexico’s largest electronic payments processor consistently secures the end-to-end customer experience while processing more than 13 million credit and debit card transactions each day? We invite you to join Ander Murillo Zohn, Deputy Director of Big Data Technologies at E-Global, and Stacy Gorkoff, VP of Marketing and Channel Development at INETCO, for a 45-minute webinar as they discuss the secret to using real-time data to achieve the best customer experience possible.

What is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and how is it evolving?

Halloween is tomorrow, and do you know what that means? For starters, it means you can dance under the rare blue moon. A full moon visible for all time zones on Earth hasn’t happened since 1944, and won’t happen again until 2039. It also means you can don a costume and be anything you like. Kind of like a fraudster, that assumes a new persona every time there is a payment fraud attack.

INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Business Intelligence Data Streaming - 3 minutes

Is your ability to harness massive volumes of payment transaction intelligence over multiple card rails, customer facing channels, and disparate data stores a challenge? INETCO Insight accelerates digital transformation with a real-time, 360-degree view of all card usage, channel performance and customer behavior to help identify new ways to acquire customers, deliver more value to existing ones, and enhance profitability through faster reporting, better device placement and targeted service offerings.

Reducing the Impact of False Positives on Your Resource Workload and Fraud Investigation Speeds

Payment fraud is exploding. So are false positives, customer friction and investigation costs. Unfortunately, as customers continue to pull us down the river of rapid digital transformation, traditional fraud detection systems are being left in the sand.


The Secret to Reducing False Positives: You will only be as good (and fast) as your data

As efforts increase to protect customers from card-present and card-not-present fraud, there is an increasing risk lurking for banks and retailers: false positives. According to KPMG’s 2019 global fraud survey, 51% of respondents reported a significant number of false positives resulting from current technology solutions and decreasing efficiencies in fraud detection.


Bot Detection - Tips to secure your payment ecosystem from account takeover attacks

With an estimated 37.9% of all internet traffic attributed to bots, and bad bots accounting for more than 50% of that, retailers and financial organizations are struggling to defend against a constant barrage of account takeovers, credential stuffing, card cracking attacks and fake account creation.