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Dewaweb Launches Dewacloud: DevOps Platform-as-a-Service, Powered by Jelastic in Indonesia

Everything is software in this Fourth Industrial Revolution - which means the productivity of software developers can have a direct impact on the commercial success of a company. That’s why Indonesian web and cloud hosting provider, Dewaweb, has partnered with Jelastic - a division of Virtuozzo - to accelerate application development and cloud deployment for its customers.

Jelastic PaaS is Now Available in China via CloudRaft Service Provider

Jelastic multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service software, a product division of Virtuozzo, is now available in China through the partnership with CloudRaft, a Shanghai-based scientific computing service provider. The launched PaaS, implemented by CloudRaft in collaboration with Jelastic, is a container-based bioinformatics computing platform. It provides researchers with a one-click deployment of multiple bioinformatics analysis tools including R, Python, bioconda and Galaxy.

Jakarta EE Applications inside Kubernetes with Nested Containers. Cargo Tracker Deployment

Kubernetes enables possibilities to develop cloud native microservices or decompose traditional applications making them more technologically advanced with the help of containers. Currently, most of the Kubernetes solutions are offered on top of VMs and there is room for further improvements. Implementing nested architecture of application containers running inside system containers opens additional flexibility of resource allocation and management, accelerates provisioning of the clusters and pods, as well as cuts the overall costs. This video presentation is accompanied with a live demo of deploying the Jakarta EE Cargo Tracker project inside Kubernetes cluster with nested containers architecture.

Jelastic PaaS is Acquired by Virtuozzo: What to Expect

Virtualization and hyperconverged software leader Virtuozzo acquires Jelastic multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company following a 10-year partnership.​ Bringing Jelastic’s platform and application management capabilities in-house completes Virtuozzo’s core technology stack, delivering a fully integrated solution that supports all relevant anything-as-a-service (XaaS) use cases - from shared hosting to VPS to cloud infrastructure, software-defined storage and application manag

Cloud Hosting Flexibility and Reliability for IoT Solution. Logifleet Use Case

Modern IoT solutions make our environment smarter and more responsive, connecting digital and physical things around us. Of course, such complex systems require very flexible, secure and advanced hosting for smooth, reliable and fast functioning. Hidora, our hosting service partner from Switzerland, conducted an insightful interview with Nicolas Zieglé, the Logifleet R&D Lead tech, about their useful logistic IoT product and thoughtful choice of cloud hosting provider.

SQL and NoSQL Database-as-a-Service: Automatic Clustering, Scaling and Updates

Database clusterization is an obligatory requirement for highly loaded production applications to ensure data availability and high performance. However, the configuration of a reliable cluster is not a trivial task even for experienced developers and system administrators. To solve this problem, Jelastic introduced packages of popular SQL and NoSQL database solutions with pre-configured clusterization to make applications highly available by default. In this video you’ll find out what database clusters are available out-of-box, what complex topologies you can automatically get for your project and in what way they can be managed using Jelastic PaaS.

Edge Cloud Launches Platform as a Service (PaaS) Powered by Jelastic in Philippines

Edge Cloud Technology and Solutions, a 100% Filipino owned cloud provider company announces the launch of Edge Cloud PaaS, powered by Jelastic. This new cloud hosting service is designed for developers and customers that uses advanced automation to ensure trouble free operation of web sites and applications. The Edge Cloud PaaS is a “next generation” cloud hosting service that is designed for developers and is rock solid for production.

GlassFish & Payara Auto-Clustering: Running Jakarta EE Highly-Available Applications in the Cloud

Ensuring trouble-proof 24/7 service delivery is among of the most discussed areas in cloud hosting for the last few years. And the very obvious and commonly used solution here is building a clustered infrastructure for your project.

Introduction to Traefik v2 Ingress Controller in Jelastic Kubernetes Service

Jelastic Kubernetes cluster can be installed with NGINX, Traefik, or HAProxy ingress controllers. In this post, we will take a closer look at Traefik and its evolution in Jelastic Kubernetes Service (Jelastic KS). At the moment all issued Jelastic Kubernetes versions support Traefik v1, but commencing from K8s version 1.21.2, Traefik v2 will be used instead. A number of internal components of Traefik were conceptually redesigned moving from v1 to v2.